100 Funny Coffee Memes To Share With Friends In 2024

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While there’s nothing quite like that morning buzz of coffee to get you started on your day, a good laugh also helps. What is a better way to share your love of lattes on social media than through a meme? Hilarious caffeinated memes (and a cup of java) are great ways to get you through the morning.

Only dedicated coffee lovers will understand just how important your espresso or macchiato is to survive the workday. Here are our favorite memes for coffee lovers to get you through those moments between cappuccinos. Share these relatable and funny coffee memes with friends, and keep laughing.

100 Funny Coffee Memes Coffee Addicts Can Relate With

I need at least three cups of coffee before my eyes open, and I don’t start the day without my beloved cup of joe. Whatever your mornings are like, I’m sure you’ll find these coffee memes relatable—maybe a little too relatable, sometimes.

There’s no way I could start my Monday without that first sip of coffee. I might not be able to wish Mondays away, but at least I can make them go past at the speed of a caffeinated possum.

The correct way to have breakfast. If you can’t cut your coffee with a knife and fork, how do you know if it’s strong enough?

This is an acceptable size for a morning coffee. Make it two if it’s a work day. Three if there are meetings on the schedule.

I’m just a much nicer person after my coffee. Isn’t everyone? I’m also smarter when I have my coffee.

This kitten understands. None of us are morning cats; if someone is, then that’s reason enough not to trust them.

It’s not that I don’t trust people who don’t drink coffee. I just wonder a little about their sanity.

Some days I wake up before the alarm goes off. These are the days when my coffee looks at me with this expression.

Coffee noticeably perks up my mood. Even science agrees with me and suggests drinking 2-3 cups of coffee daily to increase motivation and mood, especially during winter.

I like big cups, and I cannot lie. Especially when they’re filled with delicious, energizing coffee. At least I’ve cut down to only two cups of coffee daily.

However we take it, with cream, sugar, or black and bitter, you can be sure we coffee lovers take our java very seriously.

Sleep is for the weak. The rest of us stick to coffee.

There’s nothing quite as heavenly as the rich scent of freshly roasted coffee. A smell guaranteed to put me in a better mood.

Princess Leia knows what’s up. Sometimes coffee is my only hope to get through the day, especially when dealing with other people.

This puppy knows that coffee in the morning is the best thing you can smell.

I’m not the only one who can be summoned by this ritual on a Monday morning, right? I’m unsure about those milky cups; they look too weak for a proper summoning ritual.

How to deal with thirst—drink more coffee! Just make it iced in summer.

No lying now; how often has this thought gone through your mind when someone at work asks a stupid question?

If you ask me, that looks like the correct size pot of coffee to get through the morning.

This picture is almost scarily accurate. It’s like someone is spying on me. It’s known that I turn into a pole-dancing unicorn after a cappuccino or three.

This lady clearly has her to-do list down. I approve.

We’ve all been there before. While decaf may serve a purpose, that doesn’t mean I want to drink it.

Don’t make me do the math; it might scare me. Counting how many cups of coffee I’ve had could take more time than drinking them.

It’s true; we love our coffee—it makes the world a better place. I don’t want to imagine the cruelty of a world where coffee ceased to exist.

I am more productive when they add coffee to my bloodstream.

Sometimes you’re so tired it seems like even coffee can’t help. This will pass. Drink the coffee.

I take workplace safety seriously, and that’s why I never go into the office pre-coffee.

Another accurate depiction of me before and after my first cup of coffee on a Monday morning.

This should come with a content warning—that moment when you realize the coffee machine is broken.

It’s true; I drink coffee so that everyone else has a good day.

I love my sleep, but even I don’t get enough to go without my morning brew.

How can you argue with science?

Clearly, these ladies are on to something here. It’s not that I’m addicted to coffee; it just can’t stay away from me.

Why has no one found a solution to this serious problem?

Sometimes it feels like the only one who understands me is my old friend Coffee.

Gasp! You what?

There have been days like this.

I tried to go a day without coffee once. Only once.

Sounds like an emergency to me.

Sometimes coffee is the only thing that will heal me.

An ugly situation. Avoid escalating violence by keeping twice the amount of coffee in the house.

I think this is a fantastic life hack.

Without a doubt, my favorite fairy tale.

More magical fairy tale moments brought to you by coffee.

Another excellent scientific explanation.

I will willingly go to the dark side for coffee.

This cup may almost be big enough for me.

I can buy my happiness at every coffee shop.

I don’t do this job for the fun of it—I do it so I can buy magic beans.

That exhilarating moment when the first pot of coffee has filtered.

This polar bear knows how I feel.

The best soup.

How I got through my student days.

We have all experienced this blessed moment.

My family knows this well.

It might seem silly, but I do have a favorite coffee cup. Drinking out of the wrong cup always leaves me feeling disappointed.

I also keep my social skills inside a cup of coffee.

This is a tough one. I can never tell, so my answer is always to drink more coffee.

Speaking of that third cup of coffee…

Dwight from The Office got at least one thing right.

I am that two-year-old without my blankie.

The struggle is not how I would put it.

We all need an emotional support beverage.

How does coffee make you feel?

I always need more coffee. Even people back in 15th century Yemen knew they needed more coffee.

The possible downside to coffee is the increased sarcasm.

I think I might need one of these bracelets.

I’m definitely on my way to immortality.

That sums up my thoughts on decaf coffee.

A true test of love is if they bring you coffee.

I set my goals to be achievable.

I like my coffee the same way I like my life; dark and bitter. The truth is black coffee is better for you.

My bean salad is how I stay so healthy. Did you know that coffee comes from a plant that can take up to four years to produce ripe coffee cherries for harvesting?

It takes a little while in the morning before my coffee kicks in. Don’t ask for anything before then.

I need a few cups of coffee before I’m awake enough to start the next cup of coffee.

I have several adult sippy cups, so I can avoid using disposable coffee cups.

Ah, if only life were like video games!

This is all of us at the end of a long work day.

We all get a little protective over our precious coffee.

Strong coffee is the best coffee.

I think I just worked out my problem.

Morticia Addams knows the score—never spill the coffee.

When you need the office to use their pre-coffee voices.

Is it really love if they aren’t coffee? Maybe if they bring you coffee before you ask.

No one needs lemons; however, we all need coffee.

Avoid memory loss by drinking all the coffee.

That moment when they stop you from getting your coffee. Some people are lucky to be alive.

We’ve all had mornings where the cup is not big enough to meet the need.

Why would you do this? What new nightmare world are we living in?

My face, first thing in the morning when I get into work.

It’s not all rage and drama; coffee brings us peace and smooths over the cracks in our imperfect lives.

Sometimes, people just understand you and your needs. Keep those people close because they are the reason you get up each morning. Well, them and coffee.

There’s nothing else I need in my life besides my darling coffee. And they need me too.

When you’re looking for something, and you can’t remember what it was, it’s probably coffee.

Some days I need all the help I can get. For those days, we break out the espresso. A double shot for me, thanks.

That feeling at the end of the morning when the coffee pot is empty, and you discover there are no more grounds. How is anyone supposed to work in these conditions?

Me to the barista on every day ending in Y. This cat knows.

It’s not a good day if we don’t have coffee and Game of Thrones.

When you woke up from a particularly rough night, the only thing that will fix it is black and bitter.

Some mornings you’re cute even before your coffee. That’s when you spread sunshine and happiness.

But if we’re honest, mostly, we need to wait for the caffeine to kick in before we can function.


Whether you love your Pumpkin Spice lattes or your espresso doppio, we coffee lovers are united by the bean and the meme. Did you recognize yourself or your coworkers in any of these? Share these funny coffee memes with your friends and get some laughs before it’s time for your next coffee break.







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