125 Funny Coffee Puns That’ll Make You Smile

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125 Funny Coffee Puns That'll Make You Smile

Being a coffee aficionado is like any hobby. It keeps you occupied, financially drains you, and brings you joy. It includes activities like reading puns, sending them to friends and family, and enjoying coffee merch.

There are several coffee puns for every cafephile. From cute, funny, birthday, and romantic ones, to greeting, thanks, and workplace jokes. You can even find music, movies, tv shows, and book-based coffee puns, and not forgetting to include hilarious coffee name puns. 

We share a long list of coffee puns and jokes that will have you cackling from laughter, brooding with romance, and thrilled from wittiness. Plus, you can have a latte fun showing them to your coffeeholic friends.

125 Funny Coffee Puns to Share with Other Coffee Lovers 

Whether you love going through some humoristic coffee quotes, sharing a few on your text chats with fellow coffee fans, or considering creating some fun, personalized merch to treasure, people will think you have a Ph.D. in coffee puns when you start using these.

Categorized into various options, below is a list of 125 coffee puns that you will love:

Cute Coffee Puns

Enjoy these cute coffee puns over brunch, or slip one into conversation with another coffee addict. There is no wrong time for a cute coffee pun. Even someone who doesn’t love coffee will enjoy the humor in these. They are so fun to use anywhere, anytime!

  1. Coffee can be a cup of hope in a world of chaos.
  2. Every latte thing is gonna bean alright.
  3. Mugs and kisses!
  4. Hello, brew-tiful!
  5. You pick me up when I’m feeling brew.
  6. You mocha me happy.
  7. I’m feeling a little bit of Deja brew.
  8. Don’t worry, be frappe.
  9. You’re fa-brew-lous.
  10.  Coffee has always bean my favorite.
  11. Thanks a latte for being my friend.
  12. Bottomless thanks!

Coffee Shop Puns

Coffee shop puns are fun and creative. You can find them as décor on the walls, on the tables, and even on the menu. It is a great advertising technique. One of the sweetest ways coffee shop puns can be used is on barista t-shirts – especially for the barista jokes.

  1. I’ve got a latte problems
  2. How you brewin’?
  3. How did the cappuccino lose its broth? It was mugged.
  4. You keep me grounded.
  5. Why did the coffee shop close for the day? A storm was brewing.
  6. Why was the barista wearing a mask? It was a coughy filter.
  7. What is the barista’s favorite morning mantra? Rise and grind!
  8. Spill the beans!
  9. I am going to get coffee by whatever beans necessary.
  10. What is a barista’s favorite exercise? The French press.
  11. The barista gets himself in trouble sometimes. He doesn’t have a filter.
  12. Who forgot to clean the coffee maker? Come on, spill the beans.
  13. The Family Bean
  14. Ground Up Café.

Coffee Puns for Work

Work is one of the most exciting places to enjoy a coffee pun. Whether you have it on your coffee mug or slip a little card to your coworker, it can lighten the mood and make people smile in challenging, hustling, or hostile situations. The witty, sarcastic ones are the best, just don’t get your boss mad about it.

  1. Good days start with coffee.
  2. Have a mug-nificent day.
  3. Sorry, I’m latte.
  4. I’ve bean busy.
  5. It’s time to rise and grind.
  6. It’s bean one of those days.
  7. Avoid discussing coffee in a sensitive company. It can make for a heated debate.
  8. Alright, everyone, kettle down!
  9. Sip happens.
  10. Work has bean a latte hard today.
  11. The daily grind gets exhausting.
  12. Sorry, my work isn’t complete. I was pro-caffeinating.

Christian Coffee Puns

If you or someone you might know is a Christian, sending them a little good morning text with a funny coffee pun can lighten up anyone’s day and be a good prayer or gratitude reminder. 

  1. The Bible says that men should make their wives coffee every day. It’s right there in the Hebrews.
  2. The taller the coffee, the closer to God.
  3. If coffee is so bad, why did Jesus make it taste so good?
  4. Coffee gets me started. Jesus keeps me going.
  5. How does Moses/Jesus make coffee? Hebrews it.
  6. “So that you may not be sluggish…” – Hebrews 6:12
  7. All I need is a latte bit of coffee and a whole latte, Jesus.
  8. Jesus loves you a latte.
  9. He fills my cup with grace.
  10. This house runs on coffee and Jesus.

Coffee Thank You Puns

If there is someone you may want to thank in a unique way, why not get some merch with coffee puns and gift it to them? You can even write it out on a card or create a cute meme and text them about it. If the person is a coffee lover, they will feel even more appreciated.

  1. Thanks a latte!
  2. I appreciate brew.
  3. Words cannot espresso my gratitude.
  4. Sending you a whole latte thanks.
  5. You have always bean there for me.
  6. You pick me up when I’m feeling brew.
  7. Thanks! Mugs and kisses.
  8. Brew are the best!
  9. Thank you for bean helpful.
  10. Because of you, every latte thing is gonna bean alright.
  11. Sending you a latte thanks for all that you bean to me.
  12. Thank you for bean a great friend!

Birthday Coffee Puns

Using birthday coffee puns is a fantastic way to wish a coffeeholic on special days. Printing the puns on merch like t-shirts, mugs, frames, water bottles, caps, and throw pillows are fun gifts that make them feel loved. Social media birthday posts are also a fabulous way to use coffee puns.

  1. My birthstone is a coffee bean.
  2. Java great birthday!
  3. Sorry I missed your birthday. Better latte than never.
  4. Sending you a latte birthday wishes.
  5. Frappe birthday to you.
  6. Happy Cup-ricorn birthday!
  7. Wishing you a latte love on your birthday
  8. May you always find happiness in the latte things.
  9. Wishing you a frappe birthday with a latte love.
  10. Hope your birthday is mug-nificent.

Romantic Coffee Puns About Love

If you are trying to win a coffee addict over, make them like you, or make your partner feel special, these romantic coffee puns about love are perfect for flirting. You can use them as cute, cheesy pick-up lines, and you can never go wrong with a personalized gift that includes these phrases.

  1. Love is in the air. It smells like coffee.
  2. You’re hot and sweet, and I think I caf-feelings for you.
  3. I love you a latte.
  4. Everything I brew, I brew for you.
  5. Where have you bean all my life?
  6. I want to espresso my feelings for you.
  7. We’re the perfect blend.
  8. We make a happy cup-ple.
  9. I’ve bean thinking about you a latte!
  10. I am frappe if I am with you.
  11. I love that you keep me grounded.
  12. I think I’m in love with brew.

Espresso Puns

As an espresso enthusiast, you might be looking for espresso-fic coffee puns. They are super cute and will have you and anyone you share them with smiling immediately. Using these coffee puns is a lovely way to espresso your love for coffee.

  1. Words cannot espresso what you mean to me.
  2. Espresso yourself.
  3. Espresso may not be the answer. It’s surely worth a shot.
  4. Take the espresso train.
  5. I made coffee, espresso-ly, for you.
  6. What do you call a lonely cup of coffee? A depresso. 
  7. I can’t espresso my excitement.
  8. Life without espresso is depresso.
  9. Feel free to espresso your emotions.
  10. It’s hard to espresso myself when I am not frappe.
  11. I don’t know how to espresso my feelings for you.

TV Shows & Movies Coffee Puns

For TV show and movie fans, having a love of coffee is a bonus for a lasting friendship between people. Using movie and tv show names to create fun coffee puns is a great way to connect more and enjoy some humor.

  1. Pretty Little Lattes
  2. He’s Just Not That Into Brew
  3. Twin Perks.
  4. Bean-occhio
  5. Espresso patronum!
  6. Friday Night Latte.
  7. The Grinder Swindler.
  8. The Dark Roast Rises
  9. 8 Milk
  10. An Americano in Paris
  11. Cream 2/3
  12. The Time Macchiato

Coffee Puns About Music

Like movies and tv shows, coffee puns about band names, song names, and lyrics is a creative way to bring humor, fun, and excitement to any situation – especially when coffee is involved!

  1. “Wake me up before you cocoa!”
  2. A Beatles song to play at a coffee shop: “Latte Be!”
  3. Band name: The Red Hot Coffee Peppers
  4. Song name: Smooth Cream-inal
  5. I like to brew it, brew it. We like to… brew it!
  6. Sip me baby one more time.
  7. I like big mugs, and I cannot lie.
  8. Why you gotta be so brewed.
  9. “Thank you for being a friend!”
  10. “My coffee amour, milky latte cup that I adore.”

Coffee Pun Names

Very little gets close to hilarious coffee puns taken from real people’s names. It is a fantastic way to combine your love for coffee and people. If you get creative enough, you can do it out of almost any name, but below are a few to get you rolling on the floor with laughter in the bean-time!

  1. Al Cappuccino
  2. Lady Java
  3. Michael Muglas
  4. Shawn Blend-es
  5. Ariana Grande (no adjustment needed)
  6. Bean-yonce
  7. Bean Affleck
  8. Paul Brewman
  9. Brew Berrymore
  10. Bean Gates


Coffee puns are funny, cute, and super creative. You can come up with many on your own, but the list above provides pretty extensive options that you can use for most occasions. Next time you text a friend or gift a coworker something, don’t forget to add a fun coffee pun to make them smile a latte harder!

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