About Brew That Coffee

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Brew That Coffee covers all things related to coffee. We teach readers how to brew great-tasting coffee, advise on the best gear, and offer tasty recipes for making delicious coffee drinks.

Today, the coffee industry has become a massive part of our culture that goes beyond just enjoying a cup. People are now selecting high-quality coffee beans with unique flavors based on where they were grown and the method used to process them.

More people use gadgets to brew their coffee at home, so it’s always fresh. As a result, there’s never been a better time to enjoy some fantastic brews.

Brew That Coffee is here to help you learn more about coffee drinks and gear so that you can find the perfect setup for your taste buds. We want to share our personal coffee stories because we know how rewarding it is for someone to share their experience with us.

But don’t let us tell you how to indulge in coffee. We know that everyone has their own particular tastes and preferences, so our articles are created to help you become a better-informed consumer of coffee.

Before making any purchase, we believe you should educate yourself on the products and brands you want. That way, you can decide on coffee gear or other items that benefit your lifestyle.

Meet the Team

April Jamison

Hi there, I’m April, the founder of Brew That Coffee.

I’ve been brewing coffee for over ten years and have no plans to slow down anytime soon. In other words, I’m hooked!

Like many, I started my coffee journey by drinking first-wave machine-drip coffee and visiting second-wave coffee shops like Starbucks.

Although I still enjoy a good ole Starbucks drink, I typically brew my coffee at home or grab one from a local coffee shop in Seattle.

Trying out different brewers, coffee beans, and methods is the highlight of every morning. I’ve been perfecting my brews little by little.

There is always more to learn about coffee, and I hope you join me on this journey.

Favorite coffee brands: George Howell Coffee, Lion Coffee, Joe Coffee, & Counter Culture Coffee
Favorite brewer: Hario SWITCH Immersion Dripper


Hi, I’m Anthony, a passionate coffee lover who gained extensive experience bartending on the Las Vegas strip for seven years. I’ve always had an eye for detail, flavor, and presentation in crafting drinks.

With my knowledge of mixology, I enjoy taking classic recipes and giving them a coffee-flavored twist. An avid coffee enthusiast, I love discovering new coffee beans, experimenting with flavors, and sharing my knowledge.

Favorite coffee brands: Counter Culture Coffee, Joe Coffee, Gget, & Equator.
Favorite brewer: Chemex

Did you know Brew That Coffee is based in Seattle, WA? Check out some of our favorite local Seattle coffee shops.