What Is The Taylor Swift Latte? (Ordering It At Starbucks)

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Starbucks is renowned for its marketing skills – remember the annual stampede for Pumpkin Spice Latte? They’re also known for celebrity endorsements and collaborations, one of the most exciting being with pop megastar Taylor Swift. So what is the Taylor Swift Latte?

What Is The Taylor Swift Latte? (Ordering It At Starbucks)

The Taylor Swift Latte was a limited-edition beverage released in conjunction with Taylor Swift’s album Red in 2021. Served in a holiday-themed red cup, Taylor’s Latte was a grande caramel nonfat latte. Also called Taylor’s Version, this coffee is the singer’s favorite breakfast drink.

After successful collaborations with Ariana Grande and Bill Nye, Starbucks tuned in to the rerelease of Red to coincide with the 2021 holiday season and a new limited-edition beverage. Is Taylor’s Latte still available from Starbucks? And what goes into it?

How to Order the Taylor Swift Latte

During the 2021 holiday season, you could order the Taylor Swift Latte by asking for Taylor’s Latte.

The beverage was only available for a limited period. However, you can still order the same coffee, even if the barista doesn’t know what Taylor’s Latte is.

Order a grande caramel non-fat latte, and you’ll be enjoying the Taylor Swift Latte.

Alternative Names for This Drink

The Taylor Swift Latte was also known as Taylor’s Latte or Taylor’s Version.

Alternatively, it’s called a grande caramel non-fat latte.

Size, Syrup, Type of Espresso, and Type of Milk in Taylor’s Latte

Let’s break down Taylor’s number-one Starbucks order:

  • Size: Taylor typically orders grande, a 16-ounce coffee, the second-largest size available at Starbucks. When you order a Taylor’s Latte, grande is the default size. However, you can also request the beverage as a short (8-ounce), tall (12-ounces), or venti (20-ounce) latte.
  • Syrup: The beverage uses Starbucks’ own-brand caramel syrup for a smooth, buttery sweetness. Four pumps are the standard for grande-size drinks.
  • Type of espresso: Starbucks lattes contain one shot of their dark roasted espresso beans. These are ground in-house for all types of espresso beverages. This distinctive blend of Arabica and Robusto beans has a deep caramelized flavor. Order the drink with blond espresso beans if you prefer a lighter roast.
  • Type of milk: A grande latte requires 14 ounces (1.75 cups) of nonfat milk.

Is Taylor’s Latte A Limited Edition?

Taylor’s Latte was released as a limited-edition beverage, served in a red cup, as part of a marketing collaboration with Taylor Swift in 2021.

The 2012 hit album Red (Taylor’s Version) was re-recorded, and new tracks added, following a legal battle over the songstress’s master recordings.

With the tagline, “It’s a red season,” Swift introduced the campaign on social media, with Starbucks confirming the limited-release beverage. A custom-printed Taylor’s Latte gift card was also available.

While the Taylor’s Version Latte was a limited release, the beverage was already and continues to be available at Starbucks under its more mundane name of grande caramel non-fat latte.


The Taylor Swift Latte was a limited-edition beverage available over 2021’s holiday season. Known to be the pop princess’s favorite, the coffee and other merchandise formed part of a marketing campaign to coincide with the rerelease of Swift’s Red album. The beverage is still available as a grande caramel non-fat latte.








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