Starbucks Soy Milk Brand Revealed (& 10 Best Soy Milk Drinks)

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What Soy Milk Does Starbucks Use? (& The Best Soy Milk Drinks)
Starbucks Soy Milk Drinks

Starbucks is a popular stop for a delicious hot or cold drink any day. The franchise also caters to plant-based customers with alternative milk options like coconut, almond, oat, and soy. Soy is a great neutral-tasting plant milk, so what soy milk does Starbucks use? 

The soy milk at Starbucks is from Danone, the parent company of Silk. It is a specially formulated soy milk exclusively for Starbucks that complements all their hot and cold drinks. The milk is only available at Starbucks, but a similar option is available at various stores by Silk. 

Here you can learn all about soy milk at Starbucks, if it is sweetened and organic, how to buy it, its nutritional value, and how it compares to other plant-based mil options at the franchise. We’ll even give you a list of Starbucks’s best soy milk drinks. 

What Soy Milk Does Starbucks Use? 

The soy milk at Starbucks is a specially formulated milk that is made exclusively for the franchise by Danone, which was initially called WhiteWave Foods. In 1997, Starbucks brought in plant-based options to cater to a broader range of customers, especially those who requested dairy-free drinks. 

After trying various brands of soy milk, the franchise realized they required something sustainable that would be a complementary addition to their hot and cold drinks and taste good with teas and coffees. They needed milk that won’t split easily, provided good texture, and tasted good. 

They then partnered with Danone to create the soy milk exclusively for them, with ingredients that suit their requirements, and through a process that gives Starbucks’ drinks the best overall outcome. The franchise uses the Danone soy milk to date, and it is a customer favorite. 

Is It Sweetened? 

Starbucks’ soy milk is sweetened. Danone creates the soy milk for the franchise with pure cane sugar and a touch of vanilla, adding to its sweetness. Soy milk is not typically sweet and is probably the least sweet from other plant-based options, but Starbucks prefers its soy milk sweetened. 

Is It Organic? 

The soy milk at Starbucks is not only organic, but it is the only natural milk option from the franchise. The soy milk is sourced from whole foods and GMO-free soybeans and is USDA-certified organic. Even the sweetness comes from pure cane sugar. 

Where To Buy Starbucks Soy Milk 

Starbucks soy milk cannot be purchased from any grocery store because Danone makes the milk exclusively for Starbucks. But you can buy a cup or two of the milk directly from the franchise if you would like. Simply tell your barista you want to buy an 8 oz cup of plain soy milk. 

The Best Starbucks Soy Milk Dupe 

If you love a Starbucks soy milk drink but prefer to create them as close as possible at home, then stocking up on some soy milk is necessary. It is not practical to keep buying a cup of milk at the coffee shop. The best solution is to get the dupe, which is Silk soy milk. 

Danone is the parent company of Silk, and Silk soy milk is available at most grocery stores where you can find lactose-free milk. The flavor profile of the Silk soy milk is close to the Starbucks’ one owned by Danone, and it also contains cane sugar. 

Starbucks Soy Milk Compares vs. Other Non-Dairy Milks 

Compared to other dairy-free milk, Starbucks soy milk is slightly healthier based on specific nutritional details. Besides being the only organic milk, it contains omega-3 fatty acids and is high in vitamin B6. 

Soy milk at Starbucks also contains the highest amount of protein and one of the least fat compared to the other lactose-free milk options. This generally makes any soy milk healthier for your heart. 

Starbucks or not. Starbucks soy milk is also gluten-free. It is always important to check if the other ingredients in your drink contain any gluten if you follow a gluten-free lifestyle. 

The only factor that gives other kinds of milk at Starbucks the upper hand is that soy milk contains more sugar and is high in carbs. It contains pure cane sugar, but because of the sugar content, it has the highest calories. If you are on a calorie deficit plan, it is best to avoid soy milk. 

Nutritional Values In Soy Milk Vs. Oat, Coconut, And Almond (8 Fl Oz/1 Cup)

Type of MilkCaloriesSugarCarbsProteinFat
Soy Milk13013g16g7g4g
Oat Milk1207g16g3g5g
Coconut Milk808g8g1g5g
Almond Milk603g5g2g4g
Calories, Sugar, Carb, Protein, and Fat Values in Soy Milk Vs. Other Non-Dairy Milks

Nutritional Values In Soy Milk Compared To Dairy Starbucks Drinks (8 Fl Oz/1 Cup)

Type of MilkCaloriesSugarCarbsProteinFat
Soy Milk13013g16g7g4g
Whole Milk16012g12g8g5g
2% Milk13012g12g7g5g
Calories, Sugar, Carb, Protein, and Fat Values in Soy Milk Vs. Dairy Starbucks Milks

Starbucks Drinks That Taste Great With Soy Milk 

You can add soy milk to any drink, hot or cold; however, some flavors blend better with soy milk than others. Some soy milk drinks are favored over others and have become customers’ staple orders.   

Below is a list of the 10 best soy milk drinks at Starbucks that you must try:  

1. Brown Sugar Oat Americano 

What Soy Milk Does Starbucks Use? (& The Best Soy Milk Drinks)
Brown Sugar Oat Americano 

This drink is one of Starbucks’ standard menu items and has been a hit from the get-go. It contains brown sugar syrup with a blonde espresso and dashes of cinnamon. It typically includes oat milk, but you can request the drink and opt for soy milk. 

Oat milk can sometimes have a distinctive oaty flavor, which many people dislike. Soy milk will provide a milder taste and make the drink creamier. The sweetness from the brown sugar syrup and oat milk with the dashes of cinnamon blend together in a cup of happiness. 

2. Cinnamon Dolce Latte  

What Soy Milk Does Starbucks Use? (& The Best Soy Milk Drinks)
Cinnamon Dolce Latte  

The Cinnamon Dolce Latte is another of Starbucks’ delicious standard menu items that get customers hooked from the first sip. The original recipe contains steamed dairy milk, but you can request soy milk. Some might say that soy milk makes the drink even better. 

The drink includes cinnamon dolce syrup with Starbucks classic espresso and is topped with whipped cream and more cinnamon dolce syrup. This drink’s unique flavor is complemented by soy milk without changing or adjusting its taste. 

3. Reserve Dark Chocolate Mocha 

What Soy Milk Does Starbucks Use? (& The Best Soy Milk Drinks)
Reserve Dark Chocolate Mocha 

If you love dark chocolate, try the Reserve Dark Chocolate Mocha with soy milk instead of whole milk from the Starbucks standard menu. It is a chocolate lover’s heaven in a cup, and the soy milk gives it a sweeter, creamier, and more delicious flavor. 

The drink is made with espresso, cocoa, and ground chocolate. What can be better than having actual chocolate in your drink? Coffee and chocolate are the perfect pair with soy milk to provide a creamy base to balance the tastes. 

4. Honey Almond Flat White  

What Soy Milk Does Starbucks Use? (& The Best Soy Milk Drinks)
Honey Almond Flat White 

This drink from Starbucks’ standard menu is typically made with almond milk, a hint of honey, and a blonde espresso. But you don’t need almond milk when you can substitute it with a more luxurious, creamier blend of soy milk. 

It is a delicious milder profile drink with a perfect balance of sweetness to the coffee. Another great way to enjoy this drink is by asking your barista to put half almond and half soy milk. That way, you still get the hint of almond flavor, and you can tell them to drizzle honey on top for extra sweetness. 

5. Caramel Macchiato  

What Soy Milk Does Starbucks Use? (& The Best Soy Milk Drinks)
Caramel Macchiato  

The caramel macchiato is probably one of Starbucks’ most-ordered drinks. It includes an espresso and vanilla syrup and is topped with caramel drizzle. The drink usually contains steamed dairy milk but is equally yummy with soy milk. 

This drink is also popular as an iced version and still pairs perfectly well with soy milk. You can choose a hot or iced caramel macchiato and let the barista know you prefer oat milk. Starbucks Caramel Macchiato feels like meeting an old friend whenever you order it. 

6. Chai Tea Latte  

What Soy Milk Does Starbucks Use? (& The Best Soy Milk Drinks)
Chai Tea Latte 

For those who enjoy the occasional cup of tea or don’t drink coffee, the Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks’ standard menu is the path you want to take. It is a black tea infused with warming spices like cloves and cinnamon. The recipe includes steamed milk but opt for soy milk instead. 

This iconic cuppa chai also includes foam for some sweetness to balance the spices, and choosing soy milk will provide you with a creamier, luxurious tea. The drink is also a lovely pick-me-up when you feel unwell, as the spices will work their magic.  

7. London Fog Tea Latte 

What Soy Milk Does Starbucks Use? (& The Best Soy Milk Drinks)
London Fog Tea Latte 

Starbucks didn’t stop at their black tea chai latte. They also offer an ultimate cup of reinvented Earl Gray tea made with Italian bergamot blends and subtle hints of lavender. The vanilla syrup provides a lovely sweetness, and frothy milk is the cherry on top. 

Soy milk to this combination is the ideal substitution for the milk because the flavor is mild enough to prevent taking away from the distinctive tea profiles. Unlike other plant-based milk, soy milk will not add or change the flavor. Instead, it will complement the original taste of the drink. 

8. Matcha Crème Frappuccino 

What Soy Milk Does Starbucks Use? (& The Best Soy Milk Drinks)
Matcha Crème Frappuccino 

Since soy milk goes beautifully with hot and cold drinks, this Matcha Crème Frappuccino is the perfect drink to try with soy milk. It includes sweetened premium matcha green tea, ice, and milk and is topped with whipped cream. 

If you want a good, subtle caffeine boost with a hint of sweetness and some luxury in a cup, opting for soy milk with this drink is the ideal way to get a delicious creamy blend in every sip. This drink is like a hug in a cup filled with love and good, green vibes. 

9. Pumpkin Spice Latte  

What Soy Milk Does Starbucks Use? (& The Best Soy Milk Drinks)
Pumpkin Spice Latte 

The Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks is a seasonal favorite on the menu. Every holiday season, Starbucks brings back the pumpkin flavor, and soy milk is the answer if you are dairy-free. You might not enjoy the other plant-based milk flavors with pumpkin, but soy complements it wonderfully. 

10. Apple Crisp Oatmilk Macchiato 

What Soy Milk Does Starbucks Use? (& The Best Soy Milk Drinks)
Apple Crisp Oatmilk Macchiato 

Starbucks created this drink to give you a nostalgic autumn feel with pick-me-up flavors. The drink has layers of cinnamon, apple, brown sugar syrup, and oat milk. You can choose soy milk instead to complement the beautiful flavors and add luxury creamy sweetness. 

The drink is made with a blonde espresso and a spiced apple drizzle. What could be better to give you all the fall vibes you will ever need? The drink is pretty high in calories, so adding soy milk will increase the calorie content significantly, but it is great to enjoy occasionally.

Our Pick For The Best Soy Milk Drink 

Choosing one soymilk drink from Starbucks is difficult because there is a long list of delicious options. But we keep going back to the Brown Sugar Oat Americano with soy. It is a favorite for various reasons, not just by us but by customers everywhere.  

The Brown Sugar Americano is one of the simplest drinks, with a balanced sweetness from the brown sugar syrup and caffeine from the coffee. But the oat milk sometimes adds a distinct flavor, whereas soy milk provides a neutral profile and a creamier texture. 

Can You Order Other Drinks With Soy Milk? 

Apart from our list of soy milk drinks, you can order several other options from Starbucks and opt for soy milk. The soy milk was formulated to complement all Starbucks drinks, and albeit it blends better with certain flavors, you can pick any drink and add soy milk. 

A standard hot black or matcha tea, latte, cappuccino, etc., goes well with soy milk. The same goes for iced coffees, teas, Frappuccino, and non-caffeine drinks from their standard and secret menus.  


If you are vegan, vegetarian, lactose-intolerant, or prefer dairy-free options at Starbucks but still want a milder, more neutral flavor, soy milk is the best option. It is sweeter and higher in calories compared to other plant-milk options, but if you don’t mind all that, try it and thank us later! 


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