The 20 Best Decaf Drinks From Starbucks in 2024

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Prefer or need a decaf coffee stat? No worries, we’ve tested and ranked all the decaffeinated drinks from Starbucks. Here’s what we came up with!

The 20 Best Decaf Drinks From Starbucks

Getting decaf drinks from Starbucks-unthinkable! Why would anyone visit a coffee shop and order a caffeine-free coffee? Well, there are plenty of reasons. Let’s dive into the why and how of Starbucks drinks without caffeine.

Getting Decaf Coffee From Starbucks

People choose decaf instead of caffeinated coffee for many reasons, but the main sentiment is that you still get to have coffee without the unwanted side effects.

Coffee is very healthy. However, many people experience disrupted sleep patterns, poor sleep quality, and increased anxiety from caffeine. Some decide to forgo drinking coffee altogether, while others decide to take the decaf route.

This is because coffee tastes incredible and has many health benefits, even in its non-caffeinated form. So if you love drinking coffee, more specifically, adore Starbucks, fret not, as there are options for you.

Does Decaf Coffee Have Caffeine?

There’s something you might already know, but if you don’t, then you should. Decaf coffee has caffeine in it. Yep, you read that right. It’s not completely caffeine-free.

Coffee beans don’t simply come in a caffeine form. This means that they must go through a process to become that way. So if you order a drink with coffee or espresso, you can expect small traces of caffeine.

This isn’t a big deal for many people. However, if you do not want or simply can’t physically tolerate any amount of caffeine, you will want another drink.

Try getting a smoothie, caffeine-free iced tea, or juice the next time you go to Starbucks.

20 Best Decaf Drinks From Starbucks

Here is a list of the most delicious decaf drinks on the main Starbucks menu. You’ll find a variety of drinks like teas, hot chocolate, frappuccinos, and cider. Please note that the nutrition information provided for each drink is for the grande size.

White Hot Chocolate

The 20 Best Decaf Drinks From Starbucks

Type of Drink: Hot Drink

Calories: 440

Sugar: 55 g

The Starbucks White Hot Chocolate is like traditional hot chocolate, except, as you guessed, it has white chocolate. You can expect white chocolate sauce, steamed milk, and delicious whipped cream topping.

The most distinguishing factor of this hot chocolate drink is its lack of caffeine. Many do not realize that traditional hot chocolate has caffeine in it. Cocoa naturally has caffeine in it, and the drink has it, too, due to the chocolate syrup/powder used to make it.

Skinny Hot Chocolate

The 20 Best Decaf Drinks From Starbucks

Type of Drink: Hot Drink

Calories: 170

Sugar: 17 g

The Skinny Hot Chocolate is made with Starbucks’ Bittersweet skinny mocha sauce, steamed non-fat milk, and topped with foam. This differs from regular hot chocolate in its use of foam instead of whipped cream and the type of syrup.

If you love hot chocolate but aren’t so much a fan of white chocolate, you can still enjoy the flavor you like! It may not be as sweet as you’d hoped (unless you are like me and love bittersweet), but it’s still a yummy treat.

Strawberry Funnel Cake Crème Frappuccino

The 20 Best Decaf Drinks From Starbucks

Type of Drink: Frappuccino

Calories: 380

Sugar: 41 g

Who doesn’t love a delicious funnel cake? The Strawberry Funnel Cake Crème Frappuccino includes mouth-watering funnel cake-flavored syrup, milk, and ice. The strawberry puree is layered throughout, and finally, the drink is topped with whipped cream, powdered sugar, and pieces of funnel cake.

I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming when I discovered this existed. Like clockwork, as soon as the pumpkin patches go up each year, I head in to get some funnel cake. I don’t have a sweet tooth, but I can’t resist! If you’re just as much of a funnel cake fan, you need to try this asap.

Vanilla Crème (Steamer)

The 20 Best Decaf Drinks From Starbucks

Type of Drink: Hot Steamer

Calories: 350

Sugar: 43 g

The Vanilla Crème is one of Starbucks ‘ steamer options. It’s a creamy vanilla drink, perfect for fall and winter. I recommend this option to anyone who wants to avoid coffee altogether.

Peppermint White Hot Chocolate

The 20 Best Decaf Drinks From Starbucks

Type of Drink: Hot Drink

Calories: 520

Sugar: 74 g

The Peppermint White Hot Chocolate takes hot chocolate to a whole new level. This drink has mixed white chocolate mocha sauce, peppermint-flavored syrup, and steamed milk. It’s topped with fluffy whipped cream and dark chocolate curls.

Had the traditional hot chocolate one too many times and want something similar but a little more premium? This drink should hit the spot.

Caramel Ribbon Crunch Crème Frappuccino

The 20 Best Decaf Drinks From Starbucks

Type of Drink: Frappuccino

Calories: 420

Sugar: 46 g

The Caramel Ribbon Crunch Crème Frappuccino has much to offer, from its butter caramel syrup blended with milk and ice to its whipped cream topping. It doesn’t stop there, though. In addition to the whipped cream, this frappuccino is topped with dark caramel sauce, caramel drizzle, and crunchy caramel sugar topping.

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t heard of many drinks that match this level of indulgence. If you have a major sweet tooth craving and love caramel, this is worth checking out the next time you’re at Starbucks.

Strawberry Crème Frappuccino

The 20 Best Decaf Drinks From Starbucks

Type of Drink: Frappuccino

Calories: 370

Sugar: 51 g

The Strawberry Crème Frappuccino is a sweet drink that can be maximally enjoyed any time of year. It is just such a versatile flavor combination. Since it is mainly strawberries, most drink it in the summer.

This frappuccino is made from a blend of strawberry puree, ice, and milk layered on top of another layer of strawberry puree. Finally, a delicious helping of whipped cream is added on top.

I love trying new drinks, but I always return to the strawberry ones. It’s such a classic flavor that I can’t seem to resist!

Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino

The 20 Best Decaf Drinks From Starbucks

Type of Drink: Frappuccino

Calories: 380

Sugar: 52 g

The Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino is a simple beverage that knows what it wants to be and does it well. This drink features a blend of creamy vanilla beans, milk, and ice. It’s then topped with a generous serving of whipped cream.

Starbucks recommends adding a steamy shot of espresso on top of it to add complexity, but that would defeat the intention of going decaf! However, it’s worth trying out if you can handle just a little caffeine.

Try this one out if you’re a no-fuss person who likes a drink with a clear, simple identity. It’s a classic flavor with a lot of creamy deliciousness going for it. What’s not to love?

White Chocolate Crème Frappuccino

The 20 Best Decaf Drinks From Starbucks

Type of Drink: Frappuccino

Calories: 380

Sugar: 49 g

The White Chocolate Crème Frappuccino is another flavored drink familiar to many. This delightful drink combines a blend of white chocolate sauce, milk, and ice. As always, there is whipped cream added on top.

If you’ve had the vanilla bean flavor a million times but want another simple frappuccino, this is a great option.

Cinnamon Dolce Crème (Steamer)

The 20 Best Decaf Drinks From Starbucks

Type of Drink: Hot Steamer

Calories: 360

Sugar: 42 g

The Cinnamon Dolce Crème is a Starbucks steamer that packs in many flavors. It combines cinnamon dolce-flavored syrup, steamed milk, and is topped with sweetened whipped cream along with cinnamon dolce topping. Yum!

I absolutely love a great hot creamy cinnamon drink when it’s cold outside, and this fits the bill.

Pistachio Crème Frappuccino® Blended Beverage

The 20 Best Decaf Drinks From Starbucks

Type of Drink: Frappuccino

Calories: 360

Sugar: 45 g

The Pistachio Crème Frappuccino is a seasonal masterpiece. If you’re lucky to get your hands on it, you can enjoy sweet pistachio mixed with milk and ice. It’s topped with whipped cream and salted buttery topping.

You can expect this drink to be available at your local Starbucks around the New Year, and what a delicious way to celebrate!

Steamed Apple Juice

The 20 Best Decaf Drinks From Starbucks

Type of Drink: Hot Drink

Calories: 220

Sugar: 50 g

This is the way apple juice was meant to be enjoyed! Forget that carton/jug of apple juice at home; this stuff is the real deal. It’s freshly steamed apple juice that is never from concentrate.

Caramel Apple Spice

The 20 Best Decaf Drinks From Starbucks

Type of Drink: Hot Drink

Calories: 380

Sugar: 70 g

Is plain hot apple juice not doing it for you? Give it an upgrade by ordering a caramel apple spice. It’s the steamed apple juice with added cinnamon syrup, whipped cream, and caramel sauce drizzle.

I get it; sometimes, plain old apple juice isn’t enough. However, this drink is the solution for days you feel a little extra. Trust me; it won’t disappoint.

Peach Tranquility

The 20 Best Decaf Drinks From Starbucks

Type of Drink: Herbal Tea

Calories: 0

Sugar: 0 g

Now we will get into the amazing teas served at Starbucks. The first one is the Peach Tranquility-do you sense a pun here? The Peach Tranquility will truly make you feel at peace with its blend of peach, chamomile blossoms, candied pineapple, lemon verbena, and rose hips.

In addition to being a big coffee drinker, I am a tea fanatic. There are many benefits to drinking tea besides its amazing flavor. One of those benefits is it’s low (as in zero-calorie) in calories.

Iced Passion Tango Tea

The 20 Best Decaf Drinks From Starbucks

Type of Drink: Tea

Calories: 0

Sugar: 0 g

The Iced Passion Tango tea is a classic tea. It has a blend of hibiscus, lemongrass, and apple. By the way, did you notice how gorgeous of a color it has?

I have to say, this is one of my all-time favorite drinks. When I head to Starbucks, there is a good chance I will get one of these in the Trenta size. However, I like to enjoy this tea a certain way, which leads us to the next drink.

Iced Passion Tango Tea Lemonade

Iced Passion Tango Lemonade
Iced Passion Tango Lemonade
Iced Passion Tango Lemonade
Iced Passion Tango Lemonade

Type of Drink: Tea

Calories: 50

Sugar: 11 g

This is the same Iced Passion Tango Tea above but with a twist-lemonade! You may be thinking, that’s not such a big twist, but it is. It makes all the difference. If you want to perk up a bit, this is your go-to drink.

Order this in the Trenta size on a hot day, and you’ll be hydrated quickly. It tastes absolutely divine, and you’ll return for more the next day.

Mint Majesty

The 20 Best Decaf Drinks From Starbucks

Type of Drink: Herbal Tea

Calories: 0

Sugar: 0 g

All the mint addicts out there will rejoice that there is a Starbucks tea for them. Everyone out there that I’ve met who likes mint really likes mint. Everything mint-flavored, they have to try!

You can expect mint blended with lemon verbena in this herbal tea, all in one caffeine-free mug.

Iced Guava Passionfruit Drink

The 20 Best Decaf Drinks From Starbucks

Type of Drink: Tea

Calories: 190

Sugar: 33 g

Some people don’t care for plain tea and prefer a little sweetness. If that’s you, the Iced Guava Passionfruit Drink is here to save the day. This refreshing iced tea has guava juice blended with passion fruit. It is shaken with pineapple, ginger, and coconut milk.

This sounds like a true tropical paradise, doesn’t it? Well, I know what I’m getting the next time I hit up a Starbucks in Hawaii!

Blended Strawberry Lemonade

The 20 Best Decaf Drinks From Starbucks

Type of Drink: Ice Blended Drink

Calories: 190

Sugar: 45 g

The Blended Strawberry lemonade makes you think of your childhood. If this was one of your favorite kid smoothies, it’s time to try it again as an adult. Starbucks definitely does it justice!


The 20 Best Decaf Drinks From Starbucks

Type of Drink: Iced Drink

Calories: 120

Sugar: 27 g

Classic lemonade is a great way to quench your thirst on a hot summer day. If you are looking to reach for something familiar, grab this time-tested beverage.

How to Order Decaf Coffee at Starbucks

Have a favorite drink but want it decaf? There are ways to accomplish this, depending on the type of drink you are after. Read below to find out how to order your favorite drink caffeine-free.

Decaf Espresso Drinks

You probably expect a drink with a big kick when you think of espresso. While this is typically true, did you know you can order decaf espresso beans?

The best part is you’re not making anyone go out of their way for you. There are lots of other people who order espresso drinks decaf-style.

All you need to do is request that the drink you’re ordering be made decaf. This applies to mocha, flat white, latte, cappuccino, americano, espresso shots, and macchiato drinks.

Decaf Frappuccinos

Have you ever noticed that some frappuccinos at Starbucks have a creme version? That’s because they serve two kinds of frappuccinos.

There is a creme frappuccino and a coffee frappuccino. One has caffeine, and the other doesn’t. This mainly comes down to the syrup used.

The creme frappuccino uses a syrup that doesn’t contain any caffeine.

The regular frappuccino (any frappuccino that doesn’t have creme in its name) has caffeine in its syrup.

Keep in mind there are some exceptions to this. The matcha and chai creme frappuccinos do contain caffeine. Sneaky, sneaky.

Since there are frappuccinos that do not come in the creme form, you must request it to be made decaf. The barista will know what to do and substitute in decaf espresso shots for the caffeinated syrup.

Brewed Coffees

As far as brewed coffee goes, you will have to get lucky and visit a Starbucks location with ready-to-go decaf coffee.

If you have a few minutes to spare, you can wait for them to brew you a fresh decaf coffee.

Decaf Iced Coffees

Unfortunately, Starbucks doesn’t have a decaf iced coffee or cold brew option. You can still get around this, though!

Try a decaf iced espresso drink, an iced shaken espresso, or an iced Americano for a similar iced coffee experience.

Favorite Non-Caffeinated Drinks for Kids

  • Iced Apple Juice
  • Water with Strawberry Inclusions
  • Peach Lemonade
  • Vanilla Milk
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Iced Strawberry Milk

Secret Menu For Kids

Here are the best kids’ decaf drinks from Starbucks. The recipe for these secret menu kids drinks is for the tall cup size.

Cotton Candy Frappuccino: Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with 1 pump of raspberry syrup.

Best Starbucks Decaf Frappuccino - Butterbeer Frappuccino

Butterbeer Frappuccino: Ask for a Creme Frappuccino base with 3 pumps of caramel syrup, 3 pumps of toffee nut syrup, and caramel drizzle on top. You can go a little further by asking for the cup to be lined with caramel drizzle.

Oreo Frappuccino: Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino blended with white mocha sauce and topped with whipped cream.

Banana Cream Pie Frappuccino: Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with 1/2 pump of vanilla syrup, 1/2 pump hazelnut syrup, and a whole banana. Top with whipped cream.

Vanilla Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Frappuccino: Ask for a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with 1 pump of mocha syrup and java chips. Top with whipped cream, cookie crumble, and mocha drizzle.

Caffeine-Free Secret Menu Drinks

Here are some refreshing caffeine-free options for adults. If you want something more indulgent (like a butterbeer frappuccino, anyone?), please check out the secret menu for kids above.

Medicine Ball: Jade Citrus Mint Green Tea, Peach Tranquility Tea, honey, and Steamed Lemonade.

Peach Lemonade

Strawberry Lemonade

Vanilla Milk

Iced Strawberry Milk

Water With Strawberry Inclusions

Caffeine-Free Holiday Drinks

Whether it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year, you can enjoy a caffeine-free holiday beverage from Starbucks.

  • Eggnog Steamer
  • Caramel Brulee Creme Steamer
  • Cinnamon Dolce Creme Steamer
  • Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino
  • Cinnamon Dolce Creme Frappuccino
  • Toasted White Chocolate Creme Frappuccino
  • Chestnut Praline Creme Frappuccino
  • Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino
  • Toasted White Hot Chocolate
  • Peppermint White Hot Chocolate
  • Steamed Apple Juice
  • Caramel Apple Spice

Low-Calorie Decaf Drinks

If you go to Starbucks often and want a healthier option, look for caffeine-free, low-calorie, and sugar-free drinks.

This usually means getting their tea options, which are fantastic, by the way.

As you saw in the list above, the Iced Passion Tango Tea, Mint Majesty Tea, and Peach Tranquility Tea are caffeine-free with zero calories. Naturally, that means zero sugar as well.

If you can afford a small number of calories, my absolute favorite is the Iced Passion Tango Tea Lemonade. I drink it when I need quick hydration and already have too much coffee.

Want to know more about these drinks? Check out this Starbucks Nutrition Menu.

Caffeine in Coffee vs. Other Popular Drinks

Starbucks Espresso Shot: 75 mg

Pike Place Roast (Grande): 310 mg

Caffè Latte(Grande): 150 mg

Coffee-Based Frappuccino (Grande): 105 mg

Coke (12-oz can): 34 mg

Diet Coke (12-oz can): 46 mg

Dr. Pepper (12-oz can): 41 mg

Mountain Dew (12-oz can): 54 mg

Hot Chocolate (Grande): 25 mg

Monster Energy Drink (240 g can): 86 mg

Green Tea (8-oz): 28 mg

Black Tea (8-oz): 47 mg

FAQ About Decaf Starbucks Drinks

Yes, the Pink Drink contains caffeine due to the green tea used to make it.

Yes, green tea traditionally has caffeine.

Decaf coffee drinks have trace amounts of caffeine that managed to make it through processing.

Regular hot chocolate contains caffeine. However, the white hot chocolate and the skinny hot chocolate do not.

Yes, mocha contains caffeine.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the ultimate guide to ordering decaf drinks from Starbucks. I hope this post was helpful to you.

Whether you are looking for non-caffeinated drinks for kids, decaf coffee drinks low in calories, or simply trying to lower your caffeine intake, this list will help you get what you need.

Feel free to refer to it whenever you feel like going to Starbucks for a tasty drink. I use it for my late-night cravings, so I don’t end up awake all night.

Please leave a comment if you have any caffeine-free favorites you’d like to let us know about. Thanks for reading!

Now that you know how to get as little caffeine as possible in your Starbucks drinks, it’s time to learn about the strongest drinks from Starbucks. Buckle up; these drinks will get you going!

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