The 20 Best Starbucks Coconut Drinks (With Secret Menu)

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The 20 Best Starbucks Coconut Drinks (With Secret Menu)
Starbucks Coconut Drinks

Starbucks coconut drinks have been popular since the coffee giant introduced coconut milk to its menu in 2015. The milk’s sweet, nutty flavor and velvety texture make it a hit, whether it replaces dairy in hot, cold, and frozen drinks or adds to drinks’ flavor profile.

Coconut milk’s creaminess works magic in colorful summertime sips and indulgent Frappuccinos® to beat the heat. Yet, it’s equally delicious in comforting winter warmers. With so many ways to enjoy coconut milk, you’re spoilt for choice. We’ll help you narrow down your options with a list of the best Starbucks coconut drinks.

Top 20 Starbucks Coconut Drinks:

1. Coconutmilk Cascara Latte

2. Chai-Coco-Mon Latte

3. Iced Vanilla Bean Coconutmilk Latte

4. Coconut Cookie Crème

5. Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Frappuccino®

6. Caramel Coconut Crème Pie Frappuccino®

7. Coconut Ice Cream Frappuccino®

8. And more …

Best Starbucks Coconut Drinks (Regular & Secret Menu)

Here’s the ultimate list of Starbucks drinks for coconut lovers:

1. Coconutmilk Cascara Latte (Regular Menu)

Steamed creamy coconut milk meets bold espresso in this unusual latte. The finishing touch? A sprinkling of cascara sugar.

Cascara is the fruity part of the coffee cherry surrounding the coffee beans, with a fruity, floral, brown-sugar-like flavor. Starbucks mixes cascara extract with sugar to create a topping that enhances the coconut milk’s sweetness and brings out the caramel flavor in Starbucks’ Signature Roast Espresso.

Nutrition Information

Coconutmilk Cascara Latte (Grande: 16 fl oz)  CaloriesCarbsSugarCaffeine
  130  14g  12g  150mg

Make It Your Own (Customization Tip)

Add caramel syrup to intensify the cascara topping’s maple notes.

2. Chai-Coco-Mon Latte (Secret Menu)

This secret menu gem adds coconut milk, cinnamon sweet cold foam, and buttery cinnamon dolce topping to a basic Chai Tea Latte to turn it into the ultimate comfort drink. (Chai-Coco-Mon = chai tea + coconut milk + cinnamon.)

You’ll get a warming mix of coconut milk, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, cloves, and star anise topped with a sweet cinnamon cloud. It’s a mugful of sugar and spice and all things nice!

How To Order

Order a Chai Tea Latte with coconut milk and no water. Add cinnamon sweet cream cold foam and cinnamon dolce sprinkles.

Make It Your Own (Customization Tip)

Make your Chai Tea Latte dirty by adding espresso shots. Or make it decadent by replacing the foam and sprinkles with whipped cream and cinnamon powder.

3. Iced Vanilla Bean Coconutmilk Latte (Regular Menu)

You need only look at this drink to know it’s special. Its brown espresso layer is at the top, and the milky layer is at the bottom (instead of the other way round, like a standard latte).

But taste it, and you’ll be convinced. Vanilla bean powder makes iced coconut milk taste even smoother and creamier. These delicate flavors mellow the espresso’s intensity to create a well-balanced cup.

Nutrition Information

Iced Vanilla Bean Coconutmilk Latte (Grande: 16 fl oz)  CaloriesCarbsSugarCaffeine
    140    23g    21g    150mg

Make It Your Own (Customization Tip)

Top your drink with whipped cream or vanilla sweet cream cold foam for an extra layer of creaminess.

4. Coconut Cookie Crème (Secret Menu)

The luscious taste of warm vanilla-sweetened coconut milk topped with whipped cream and a cookie crumble surprise. This zero-caffeine drink will give you warm fuzzies and remind you of your mom’s baking.

How To Order

Ask for a Vanilla Crème with coconut milk and extra cookie crumble topping.

Make It Your Own (Customization Tip)

Add salted brown butter topping to give your drink more buttery cookie flavor.

5. Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Frappuccino® (Secret Menu)

Two classic strawberry desserts merge in this Frappuccino®.

It’s the indecisive strawberry lover’s dream: the flavors of strawberries & cream and chocolate-dipped strawberries whizzed up with silky coconut milk.  

How To Order

Ask for a Strawberry Crème Frappuccino® made with coconut milk. Remove the classic syrup and add Frappuccino® chips and mocha drizzle.

Make It Your Own (Customization Tip)

Serious strawberry fans can add extra strawberry puree to their drink.

6. Caramel Coconut Crème Pie Frappuccino® (Regular Menu)

This is the Starbucks coconut drink you’re looking for if you want to splurge.

It’s creamy coconut milk blended with ice, white chocolate mocha sauce, honey malt, whipped cream, two types of caramel, and graham cracker crumbles.

Nutrition Information

Caramel Coconut Crème Pie Frappuccino® (Grande: 16 fl oz)  CaloriesCarbsSugarCaffeine
    420    55g    53g    0mg

Make It Your Own (Customization Tip)

You could make this indulgent drink skinnier by skipping the whipped cream (…but then it wouldn’t be much of a cream pie).

7. Coconut Ice Cream Frappuccino® (Secret Menu)

Craving a frozen drink with coconut milk as the star? This coconut ice cream taste-a-like will likely become your new favorite sip.

The flavors of coconut milk, cream, vanilla syrup, and vanilla bean powder are mild and soothing, and the drink looks just like a fluffy white cloud.

How To Order

Ask for Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino® with coconut milk.

Make It Your Own (Customization Tip)

Perhaps you want your coconut ice cream frapp to energize you, not help you unwind. Then take Starbucks’ recommendation and pour affogato-style espresso shots over the top.

8. Choc-Coco Frappuccino® (Secret Menu)

We’ve saved the most decadent coconut Frappuccino® on this list for last: a double-chocolate (sauce and chips), coconutty delight.

Think of all the sweet treats that combine chocolate and coconut: candy bars, cakes, brownies, clusters, and cookies. They’re all divine. This choc-coco drink is no different. It’s coconut milk, mocha sauce, chocolaty chips, ice, whipped cream, and mocha drizzle deliciousness to end any sweet cravings.

How To Order

Ask for a Double Chocolaty Chip Crème Frappuccino®with coconut milk.  

Make It Your Own (Customization Tip)

Remove the mocha sauce for a stronger coconut flavor.

9. Double Vanilla & Coconut Nitro Cold Brew (Secret Menu)

Here’s a velvety smooth cold brew with a double dose of vanilla and a hint of coconut.

You get full-bodied coffee flavor sweetened with vanilla syrup, vanilla bean powder, and coconut milk.

How To Order

Ask for Nitro Cold Brew with toasted vanilla, vanilla, or sugar-free vanilla syrup, vanilla bean powder, and a splash of coconut milk.

Make It Your Own (Customization Tip)

Triple your drink’s vanilla by adding vanilla sweet cream cold foam. Or tone down the vanilla by skipping the syrup (infusing nitrogen into cold brew makes it sweeter, so you likely won’t miss the syrup). 

10. Coconutmilk Mocha Macchiato (Regular Menu)

This is a milkier, sweeter take on a traditional macchiato.

Coconut milk, espresso, and white chocolate mocha sauce are at the heart of this drink. It’s topped with foam and drizzles of caramel and mocha sauces for extra richness and chocolaty flavor.

Nutrition Information

Coconutmilk Mocha Macchiato (Grande: 16 fl oz)CaloriesCarbsSugarCaffeine
    200      28g    25g    150mg

Make It Your Own (Customization Tip)

Try a ristretto instead of a traditional espresso shot. Ristretto espresso shots are made with less water for a fuller coffee flavor.

11. Coconut Espresso Macchiato (Secret Menu)

Starbucks lets you customize your drinks like crazy, but sometimes you want a simple coffee with a touch of coconut. At these times, try the two-ingredient Coconut Espresso Macchiato – brewed espresso with a light layer of steamed coconut milk and foam.

How To Order

Ask for an Espresso Macchiato with coconut milk.

Make It Your Own (Customization Tip)

Try your Coconut Espresso Macchiato with the Blonde Espresso Roast. The lightly roasted beans’ mild flavor pairs well with coconut milk.

12. Coconut Flat White (Secret Menu)

Coconut milk’s texture is similar to cow’s milk, making it a good dairy alternative for drinks that depend on a specific mouthfeel, like the flat white.

Coconut milk might not transform into the perfect microfoam that whole milk does. Still, it does become satisfyingly velvety. The thinly textured steamed milk is mixed with ristretto espresso shots for a richer, sweeter flavor.

How To Order

Ask for a Flat White with coconut milk.

Make It Your Own (Customization Tip)

If you love a flat white’s velvety milk texture but miss a foamy layer, add a dollop of cold cream foam to your drink.

13. Piña Colada Tea Infusion (Regular Menu)

Chill out with a booze-free version of the classic cocktail.

This sweetened iced black tea drink gets tropical flavors from coconut milk and a fruit and botanical infusion.

Nutrition Information

Piña Colada Tea Infusion (Grande: 16 fl oz)CaloriesCarbsSugarCaffeine
  80    15g  15g  25mg

Make It Your Own (Customization Tip)

Add freeze-dried pineapple to boost the island getaway vibes. For less sugar, have your drink unsweetened or swap the liquid cane sugar for a substitute like Splenda or Stevia.

14. Sunrise Refresher (Secret Menu)

This drink’s striking red and pink shades rival the magnificence of the rising sun. 

Enjoy the flavors of coconut milk, mango, dragon fruit, and raspberry over ice while watching the sunrise (but take a snap before you sip!) for a refreshing start to your day.

How To Order

Ask for a Dragon Drink®with a pump of raspberry syrup and topped with Passion Tango Tea.

Make It Your Own (Customization Tip)

Skip the dragon fruit inclusion for a chunk-less drink.

15. Iced Golden Ginger Drink (Regular Menu)

If you like the idea of a luxe-looking drink, go for gold! A golden blend of ginger and pineapple flavors, iced coconut milk, and turmeric extract.

Fiery ginger is sweetened by pineapple and mellowed by coconut milk, creating this drink’s complementary flavor fusion.

Nutrition Information

Iced Golden Ginger Drink (Grande: 16 fl oz)CaloriesCarbsSugarCaffeine
  140    22g  19g  0mg

Make It Your Own (Customization Tip)

Add matcha powder to boost your drink’s antioxidant potential (…the downside is that the green matcha will spoil the yellowy-gold color).

16. Pink Drink (Regular Menu)

No Starbucks coconut drink list is complete without the iconic Pink Drink. 

This pastel pink blend of coconut milk, strawberry, acai, passion fruit flavors, strawberry pieces, and ice started as a secret menu drink in 2016. The drink caused such a social media frenzy that Starbucks added it to its official menu the next year. This rosy, coconut-strawberry creation is still an Insta hit years later because it looks as good in your hand as it tastes.

Nutrition Information

Pink Drink (Grande: 16 fl oz)CaloriesCarbsSugarCaffeine
140  28g25g45mg

Make It Your Own (Customization Tip)

Have your Pink Drink blended for a thicker, smooth texture.  

17. Ombré Pink Drink (Secret Menu)

Here’s another eye-catching way to enjoy the Pink Drink: pour the Violet Drink on top to create an ombré effect.

You’ll get a coconutty berry explosion (strawberries and acai from the Pink Drink and blackberries from the Violet Drink) and pastel shades fading into one another for a treat for the eyes and taste buds.

How To Order

Ask for half a Pink Drink at the bottom and half a Violet Drink at the top.

Make It Your Own (Customization Tip)

Experiment with different customization options to create your own head-turning ombré Pink Drink.

18. Iced Guava Passionfruit Drink (Regular Menu)

This energizing drink boasts four tropical flavors: guava, coconut, passion fruit, and pineapple.

It’s also pretty – a lovely peachy shade, inviting you to sip. 

Nutrition Information

Iced Guava Passionfruit Drink (Grande: 16 fl oz)CaloriesCarbsSugarCaffeine
    190    41g      33g      0mg  

Make It Your Own (Customization Tip)

You can skip the ice for a cool, not icy drink (…and remove the risk of brain freeze).

19. Star Drink (Regular Menu)

If you need a break from pink, switch to green with the Star Drink.

This tasty, chilled thirst quencher gives a burst of fresh star fruit, kiwi, and coconut flavors.

Nutrition Information

Star Drink (Grande: 16 fl oz)CaloriesCarbsSugarCaffeine
13027g  23g  45mg

Make It Your Own (Customization Tip)

Get closer to your five-a-day by adding diced dragon fruit, freeze-dried pineapple, and strawberries to your Star Drink.

20. Orange Drink (Secret Menu)

Here’s an orange-colored sip for everyone working their way through the rainbow. It has a black tea base for a caffeine hit and a light and refreshing peachy-coconut flavor.

How To Order

Ask for Iced Black Tea with peach juice blend and a splash of coconut milk. Sweeten it with your choice of refresher base, syrup, or sweetener.

Make It Your Own (Customization Tip)

The Orange Drink is already a skinny sip. Still, you can make it skinnier by asking for light peach juice instead of regular and picking sugar-free syrup, Stevia, or Splenda for extra sweetness.

Ways to Add Coconut to Your Drink

There are three ways to give your Starbucks drinks coconut flavor: drizzle in coconut syrup, sprinkle over coconut flakes, or pour in coconut milk.

Coconut Syrup & Flakes

Coconut syrup is a seasonal treat at Starbucks. The coffee chain often introduces a coconut drink with summery vibes as the weather warms.

Past favorites include the Mocha Coconut Frappuccino® (coffee, mocha sauce, coconut syrup, milk, ice, whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, and toasted coconut flakes) and Toasted Coconut Cold Brew (cold brew, toasted coconut syrup, and coconut milk).

While these limited-edition drinks are available, coconut (or toasted coconut) syrup and flakes are on the menu. But when coconut lovers have satisfied their cravings and finished Starbucks’ coconut stash, it’s gone till another special coconut creation is introduced.

So, coconut syrup and flakes aren’t always on hand to add to your customized orders, but ask your barista – you might be in luck!

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is available all year and can be added to any drink.

What brand of Coconut Milk Does Starbucks Use?

Starbucks uses Single Origin Sumatra Coconut Milk.

The coffee chain says it chose the ingredients in its coconut milk (including coconuts from the Indonesian tropical island of Sumatra) to create a creamy, full-flavor vegan drink that complements its hot, cold, and frozen beverages.

The ingredients are:

  • Water
  • Coconut Cream
  • Cane Sugar
  • Tricalcium Phosphate (2% or less)
  • Coconut Water Concentrate
  • Sea Salt
  • Natural Flavors
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Gellan Gum
  • Corn Dextrin
  • Guar Gum
  • Vitamin A Palmitate
  • Vitamin D2

Nutritional Info

Here are the calories and grams of sugar you’ll get in a cup (8 fl oz) of Starbucks coconut milk:

Calories  Sugar
  80    6.6g

Starbucks Coconut Drinks FAQs

If you’re loco about coco, you’ve likely got more questions about Starbucks coconut drinks. Here’s what you want to know.

There are two main coconut lattes on Starbucks’ regular menu and variations of each for you to pick from:

Coconut LatteWhat’s In It  Coconutmilk Cascara Latte  Coconut milk, espresso, and cascara sugar topping.  Vanilla Bean Coconutmilk Latte  Coconut milk, vanilla bean powder, and espresso.  

You can enjoy each coconut latte in four ways:

  • 1: Hot
  • 2: Iced
  • 3: With Starbucks’ bold Signature Espresso
  • 4: With Starbucks’ mild Blonde Espresso

If you want to skip the cascara sugar topping and vanilla bean powder, ask for a classic Caffè Latte (espresso, steamed milk, and foam) with coconut milk instead of dairy.

Based on popularity, the Pink Drink (coconut milk, ice, strawberry, acai, and passion fruit) is the top Starbucks coconut Refresher.

In competition with the Pink Drink for the best coconut Refresher title is a menu newcomer, the Paradise Drink. This mix of pineapple, passion fruit, ice, and diced pineapple is a must-try for anyone who’s ever wondered what sunshine tastes like.

Starbucks adds coconut or toasted coconut syrup to its menu while serving limited-edition coconut drinks like the Mocha Coconut Frappuccino® and Toasted Coconut Cold Brew.

Coconut syrup isn’t available at Starbucks throughout the year.


With its sweet, creamy flavor and smooth, satisfying texture, it’s no wonder coconut milk is here to stay on the Starbucks menu. While rainbow-colored coconut refreshers are Instagram favorites, coconut milk also creates delicious coffees, from fancy Frappuccinos® and mocha macchiatos to no-fuss cold brews and flat whites. Which Starbucks coconut drink will you try first?


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