The 16 Lowest Calorie Dutch Bros Drinks

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Everything on Dutch Bros’ menu sounds delicious – and calorific. So, how do you decide what to order if you have a calorie budget to stick to? Well, reading this article is the way to start! I’ll share the 16 lowest-calorie drinks you can get at Dutch Bros.

The 16 Lowest Calorie Dutch Bros Drinks

Whatever your taste, there’s something on the list to satisfy your cravings for a tasty sip without pushing you over your calorie limit.

I’ll also let you in on ordering tips and tricks for cutting the calories of some of your favorite Dutch Bros drinks so you can enjoy them guilt-free. Here are the 16 lowest-calorie drinks on Dutch Bros’ regular menu (and, later, secrets for slashing drinks’ calories by customizing your order).

16 lowest-calorie Dutch Bros drinks:

1. Americano

2. Cold Brew

3. Nitro Cold Brew

4. Tea

5. White Chocolate Lavender Cold Brew

6. White Chocolate Mocha

7. Annihilator® Cold Brew

8. Lemonade

9. Kicker® Cold Brew

10. Rebel

11. Dutch Soda

12. Smoothie

13. Double Torture®

14. 9-1-1®

15. Chai Latte

16. Cocomo®

16 Lowest Calorie Dutch Bros Drinks

1. Americano

The 16 Lowest Calorie Dutch Bros Drinks

A no-frills Americano takes the top spot for the lowest-calorie drink on Dutch Bros’ menu. Whether you sip this strong, dark coffee hot or iced, it’s the ultimate skinny drink, coming in at only 10 calories for the small size. Just don’t add milk or sugar if you want to keep the drink’s calories close to zero.

While Dutch Bros’ Americanos are light on calories, they don’t skimp on flavor, thanks to their freshly pulled espresso shots made using a La Marzocco machine and the coffee chain’s Private Reserve coffee blend. This signature blend is made from Arabica beans with nutty and cocoa notes sourced from Brazil, Colombia, and El Salvador.

Calorie Count

Small Americano (Hot Or Iced)  CaloriesCarbsSugar
  10  2g  0g

2. Cold Brew

The 16 Lowest Calorie Dutch Bros Drinks

Take Dutch Bros’ nutty, chocolatey coffee blend, steep it in cold water for hours, and you get another low-calorie winner. The Cold Brew gives you smoothness, complex coffee notes, and a generous dose of caffeine (more than in espresso) for only 20 calories.

Have your Cold Brew iced to cool you down or toasted (steamed) for a warming drink. However you like it, you can sip guilt-free, knowing you’re not downing mega calories with your caffeine hit.

Calorie Count

Medium Cold Brew (Toasted Or Iced)  CaloriesCarbsSugar
  20  3g  0g

3. Nitro-Infused Cold Brew

The 16 Lowest Calorie Dutch Bros Drinks

Nitro-infused Cold Brew (regular cold brew infused with nitrogen bubbles) has several characteristics that make it a favorite with calorie-aware coffee lovers.

The nitrogen makes the coffee thicker, creamier, and sweeter without adding calories. The little bubbles transform water and coffee grounds into a mild-tasting drink with a frothy texture. So, you skip the milk and sugar and still get a satisfying sip. You also get a stronger caffeine boost in your Nitro than in a regular Cold Brew, with no extra calories.

Calorie Count

Medium Nitro-Infused Cold Brew (Toasted Or Iced)  CaloriesCarbsSugar
  20  3g  0g

4. Flavored Tea

The 16 Lowest Calorie Dutch Bros Drinks

Tea fans can also go low-calorie at Dutch Bros. Pick organic green or Paris black as a base, intensify the flavor with your choice of syrup, and enjoy your hot or cold light and fruity treat.

The Strawberry, Passionfruit, Strawberry Lavender, and Tropical (Passionfruit, Coconut, and Blue Raspberry) have the fewest calories (80 in a small drink). But for only 10 more calories, you can get a doubly delicious Double Rainbow (Strawberry, Peach, and Coconut) or a classic Peach Tea for 20 extra calories.

Calorie Count

Small Strawberry Tea (Hot Or Iced)CaloriesCarbsSugar
  80  20g  19g

5. Toasted White Chocolate Lavender Cold Brew

The 16 Lowest Calorie Dutch Bros Drinks

Think you can only enjoy the comforting taste of white chocolate and cream for just over 100 calories in your (sweet, sweet) dreams? Think again. A small Dutch Bros’ toasted White Chocolate Lavender Cold Brew has 110 calories and the mild, creamy flavor you crave. 

This cult-favorite Cold Brew’s decadent-tasting white chocolate, cream, and cloud-like Soft Top feels like a splurge but won’t push you over your calorie target.

You can also get the White Chocolate Lavender Cold Brew iced but be warned that the chilled version almost doubles the calories (200 for a small drink).

Calorie Count

Small White Chocolate Lavender Cold Brew (Toasted)CaloriesCarbsSugar
  110  26g  22g

6. Toasted White Chocolate Mocha

The 16 Lowest Calorie Dutch Bros Drinks

If you’re unsatisfied with only one type of chocolate, you can add another, yet keep your drink under 200 calories.

Dutch Bros’ toasted White Chocolate Mocha Cold Brew brings together white chocolate and chocolate milk in a smooth Cold Brew base for two times the chocolate bliss.

Note that the drink’s iced version will set you back 270 calories.

Calorie Count

Small White Chocolate Mocha (Toasted)CaloriesCarbsSugar
  180  35g  28g

7. Annihilator® Nitro Cold Brew

The 16 Lowest Calorie Dutch Bros Drinks

A popular choice with everyone who wants to get up and go, go, go, this drink fuses the flavors of chocolate and macadamia nut in Nitro Cold Brew to give you a boost to destroy your to-do list without wreaking your diet.

The Annihilator® NitroCold Brew is more calorie-dense than a standard Nitro Cold Brew but also more satisfying and flavor-intense, thanks to the nutty-choc syrup and a dose of half and half. And all this yumminess for under 200 calories for the toasted drink and 270 calories for the iced.

Calorie Count

Medium Annihilator® Nitro Cold Brew (Toasted)CaloriesCarbsSugar
    180    27g    23g

8. Lemonade

The 16 Lowest Calorie Dutch Bros Drinks

You can enjoy the ultimate summertime refresher for under 200 calories. Dutch Bros takes their signature sweet-tart lemonade and mixes in your favorite flavor to create an ice-cold drink that will quench your thirst and delight your tastebuds for 180 to 190 calories for the small size.

The most popular Lemonade flavors include Palm Beach (Pomegranate and Peach), Electric Berry (Lime and Blue Raspberry), Tiger’s Blood (Strawberry and Coconut), and Strawberry Pineapple. All these vacation-vibes flavors are available iced or blended. Though, the slushy-like blended versions have almost double the calories and sugar of the iced.

Calorie Count

Small Strawberry Pineapple LemonadeCaloriesCarbsSugar
  180  43g  41g

9. Toasted Kicker® Nitro Cold Brew

The 16 Lowest Calorie Dutch Bros Drinks

This drink gets its name from its caffeine-packed Nitro Cold Brew content. It promises to keep your energy levels up while adding only 190 calories to your daily count.

Equal parts whole milk and cream take Nitro Cold Brew’s creaminess up a notch. A drizzle of Irish cream syrup is the perfect finishing touch to a drink that tastes like dessert yet can fit into calorie-controlled eating.

If you’d prefer the iced version, add 100 calories to your count.

Calorie Count

Medium Kicker® Nitro Cold Brew (Toasted)CaloriesCarbsSugar
  190  28g  25g

10. Rebel Energy Drink

The 16 Lowest Calorie Dutch Bros Drinks

Dutch Bros’ coffees aren’t the only drinks that boost your energy. The chain has also created the Rebel Energy Drink for everyone who wants pep in their step! Like all other Dutch Bros drinks, you can make your Rebel Energy Drink your own by picking its flavor.

The iced Electric Berry (Lime and Blue Raspberry), Aftershock (Strawberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, and Lime), and Midnight Rebel (Blackberry and Pomegranate) flavors have 190 calories each in the small size. Watch out for the Shark Attack (Blue Raspberry, Coconut, Lime, and Pomegranate), which has 270 calories in the same size. Also, know that blended drinks are more calorie-dense than iced.

Calorie Count

Small Midnight Rebel Energy Drink (Iced)CaloriesCarbsSugar
  190  47g  45g

11. Dutch Soda

The 16 Lowest Calorie Dutch Bros Drinks

Don’t consider soda a luxurious drink? Then you likely haven’t tried a Dutch Soda. The Dutch Bros Soda twist is that you choose its flavor, and it’s topped with whipped cream. Yet even with a rich, velvety top layer, this fizzy, flavorful delight is just over 200 calories.

The OG Gummybear (Pomegranate, Passionfruit, Watermelon, and Grapefruit) gives a flavor burst with every sip for only 210 calories in the small size, and the Electric Berry (Lime and Blue Raspberry) is zesty refreshment for 220 calories.

Calorie Count

Small OG Gummybear Dutch Soda (Iced)CaloriesCarbsSugar
  210  42g  41g

12. Kids’ Strawberry Smoothie

The 16 Lowest Calorie Dutch Bros Drinks

While all Dutch Bros’ regular smoothies have over 300 calories per small size, the kiddies’ Strawberry Smoothie has only 220. The smoothies have the same ingredients (real fruit smoothie concentrate and whipped cream topper), thick, smooth texture, and yummy taste. The kids’ is lower in calories because it’s smaller.

Calorie Count

Kids’ Strawberry SmoothieCaloriesCarbsSugar
  220  49g  45g

13. Double Torture® Vanilla Mocha

The 16 Lowest Calorie Dutch Bros Drinks

Dutch Bros give max espresso flavor and buzz to their Double Torture® Vanilla Mocha by throwing in an extra double shot. That’s four espresso shots in this supercharged drink. Luckily for calorie-watchers, espresso creates a bold, rich taste while adding hardly any calories (2 calories for each double shot).  

Vanilla syrup and chocolate milk enhance the espresso’s cocoa notes for a full-flavored drink under 240 calories when served over ice, 340 calories hot with whipped cream, and 470 calories blended with a whipped cream topper.

Calorie Count

Small Double Torture® Vanilla Mocha (Iced)CaloriesCarbsSugar
  240  39g  35g

14. 9-1-1® 6-Shot Irish Cream Breve

The 16 Lowest Calorie Dutch Bros Drinks

Ensure your body can handle a whopper caffeine dose before ordering this Irish Cream Breve. Although it’s one of the lowest-calorie items on Dutch Bros’ menu, it’s caffeine-packed. This dynamite drink has only 250 calories in the small, iced version but six espresso shots! The espresso is mellowed and sweetened with Irish cream syrup, whole milk, and cream.

You can have your 9-1-1® caffeine kick hot for 370 calories or blended for 540 calories.

Calorie Count

Small 9-1-1® 6-Shot Irish Cream Breve (Iced)CaloriesCarbsSugar
  250  51g  46g

15. Iced Vanilla Chai Tea Latte

The 16 Lowest Calorie Dutch Bros Drinks

Dutch Bros also has something under 300 calories for everyone who wants to chill their body and mind. A soothing, iced Vanilla Chai Tea Latte. Breathe deeply and savor this sweet, gently spiced milky treat, knowing it won’t push your calories into the danger zone.

Add 50 calories to your count if you’d like your chai latte steamy instead of chilled.

Calorie Count

Small Vanilla Chai Tea Latte (Iced)CaloriesCarbsSugar
  280  49g  49g

16. Iced Cocomo® Coconut Mocha

The 16 Lowest Calorie Dutch Bros Drinks

Dutch Bros’ Cocomo® Coconut Mocha mixes coconut, chocolate, and espresso flavors to hit the spot for sweet-creamy cravings. And at 280 calories for the small iced version, you shouldn’t have to skip a meal to fit this treat into your day’s calories.

Calorie Count

Small Cocomo® Coconut Mocha (Iced)CaloriesCarbsSugar
    280    47g    44g

How To Modify Dutch Bros Drinks To Decrease Calories

Dutch Bros is much-loved because they’re happy to tweak their recipes to create everyone’s perfect drink. So, if something on their standard menu has too many calories for your liking, customize it to lower the calories.

Here are tips and tricks to slash the calories in your favorite Dutch Bros drinks:

Swap Your Milk

Lower your drink’s calories by switching out whole milk or half and half for nonfat milk. Or go plant-based with almond or coconut milk. Beware of calorie-dense oat milk, though (22.5 calories per oz).

Whole milk has almost double the calories of nonfat (19 calories per oz vs. 10.5 calories) and almond (10 calories per oz), and coconut milk (11.25 calories per oz). And half and half has about four times the calories of nonfat, almond, and coconut milk (40 calories per oz). So, a simple milk swap can drop a drink’s calorie count.

Go Sugar-Free

Another calorie-lowering tip is to ask for sugar-free syrups and sauces.

These are the flavors you can get sugar-free:

  • Peppermint (seasonal)
  • Peach
  • Irish Cream
  • Caramel
  • White Chocolate
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate Macadamia Nut
  • Hazelnut
  • Coconut
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry

This means you can get anything from a Caramelizer® to a Golden Eagle® minus the sugar-based syrups and sauces.

Regular syrups have 70 to 100 calories per oz, and the sauces have 100 to 130 calories per oz. In contrast, sugar-free syrups and sauces have from zero to under 20 per oz. So, you can save a good number of calories by going sugar-free.

Skip The Whipped Cream

Whipped cream or a soft top makes drinks taste extra luxurious. But they also add calories (12.65 calories per 2 oz of whipped cream and 50 calories per oz of soft top).

If you’re keen to shave off calories wherever you can, consider having yours without a creamy top.

Drinks Customized To Decrease Calories: Examples

Here’s an idea of the difference you can expect when you ask for your drink to get a calorie-lowering makeover:

Annihilator® (Blended)CaloriesFatCarbsSugar
Standard Drink52015g82g77g
Drink Made With Nonfat Milk, Sugar-free Syrup, And No Whip330g7g3g
Iced Caramelizer®CaloriesFatCarbsSugar
Standard Drink33011g51g43g
Drink Made With Nonfat Milk, Sugar-free Sauces, And No Whip1942g33g6g
Annihilator® Dutch FreezeCaloriesFatCarbsSugar
Standard Drink52015g82g77g
Drink Made With Nonfat Milk, Sugar-free Syrup, And No Whip330g7g3g
Double Rainbro RebelEnergy DrinkCaloriesFatCarbsSugar
Standard Drink2000g50g47g
Drink Made With Sugar-free Rebeland Sugar-free Syrups9.600g1.13g0g
Strawberry Paris Black Tea (Hot Or Cold)CaloriesFatCarbsSugar
Standard Drink800g20g19g
Drink Made With Sugar-Free Syrup00g0g0g
Double Chocolate Dutch CocoaCaloriesFatCarbsSugar
Standard Drink46016g72g66g
Drink Made With Nonfat Milk, Sugar-Free Sauce, and No Whip2790g59g15g

Lowest-Calorie Dutch Bros FAQs

Here are answers to your most burning questions about the lowest-calorie drinks at Dutch Bros.

The best low-calorie hot Dutch Bros drinks off the standard menu are:

  • For lovers of strong, dark coffee: a small hot Americano (10 calories) or medium toasted Cold Brew or Nitro Cold Brew (20 calories each).
  • For tea fans: A small hot flavored tea (80 to 100 calories).
  • For everyone who wants a drink that tastes like dessert: A small toasted White Chocolate Mocha (180 calories).

Note: If none of these drinks sound delicious, why not customize your favorite drink to fit your calorie goals?

The best low-calorie iced Dutch Bros drinks off the standard menu are:

  • For lovers of strong, dark coffee: a small iced Americano (10 calories) or medium iced Cold Brew or Nitro Cold Brew (20 calories each).
  • For tea fans: A small iced flavored tea (80 to 100 calories).
  • For everyone who wants a drink that tastes like dessert: A small iced White Chocolate Lavender Cold Brew (200 calories).

Regular small iced Dutch Bros Rebel™ Energy Drinks have 190 to 270 calories. The flavors with the fewest calories (190 each) are Electric Berry, Aftershock, and Midnight Rebel.

Dutch Bros also makes a sugar-free Rebel™ Energy Drink, which you can have with sugar-free syrup for under 10 calories.


Whether you like the rich taste of espresso, the smoothness and creaminess of a nitro cold brew breve, or something chocolaty, nutty, or fruity, you’ll find a drink on Dutch Bros’ standard menu that delivers full flavor while staying under 300 calories.

And if you want a super-skinny sip, you can ask for nonfat, almond, or coconut milk, sugar-free sauces and syrups, and no whip in your drink to cut calories.

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