Debunking The Dutch Bros Straw Code (Straw Color Meanings)

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Dutch Bros Straw Code (Straw Color Meanings)

Dutch Bros is known for their reasonable prices and uber-friendly service. They’re a popular place to grab an Americano first thing or an iced caramel mocha on a hot afternoon. However, they’re also known for their secret Straw Code. Is the Straw Code real or not?

The Dutch Bros Straw Code is a marketing gimmick where baristas give customers different colored straws depending on their physical attractiveness. However, baristas do not have the time or inclination to rate customers this way. Straws are assigned randomly, debunking the Straw Code.

The secret Dutch Bros Straw Code hasn’t been a secret for ages. Most Dutch Bros fans and employees are familiar with the theory that pink is the most desirable straw color and green or blue the least. Customers continue to visit Dutch Bros regularly, hoping to test the code (and get the coveted pink straw).

Dutch Bros Straw Code

Those who believe in the Dutch Bros Straw Code say it is a silent method of communication between employees and customers. “Broristas” give customers different colored straws to secretly express their positive or negative feelings. What do the colored straws symbolize?

Pink Straw Meaning

The theory goes that if the barista gives you a drink with a pink straw, they think you’re cute or attractive, even hoping for your number and a date.

Green Straw Meaning

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to get a green straw, the theory is that the barista finds you unattractive or ugly.

Blue Straw Meaning

Did you offend the barista? A blue straw means that you were rude.

Orange Straw Meaning

The orange straw has many different meanings. On the positive side, you could be exuding an air of mystery or intrigue, but you also just be downright weird.

Yellow Straw Meaning

Getting a yellow straw means that you are okay or average. It’s a pretty neutral statement.

Is the Dutch Bros Straw Code Real or Fake?

The question of whether the Straw Code is real or fake, true or false, has fascinated fans who spend hours in debate. Several bloggers and vloggers “test” the theory by visiting multiple stores and recording their findings. While most of these fans prove the code true, what other opinions are there?

What The Employees Have To Say

The employees of Dutch Bros are the first to debunk the color code myth. They argue that they are too busy to be concerned with customers’ appearance, let alone whether they are worth dating. Usually, they just grab the first straw in the batch.

The only linkage of colors to customers that employees do is:

  • matching the color of the straw to the customer’s outfit
  • choosing a straw that goes with the drink
  • asking what you what your favorite color is and giving you a matching straw.

You might get a mischievous brorista who will pop in a pink straw to make you wonder or a kind-hearted employee who wants to cheer you up.

A Dutch Bros fan recently reported how she was having a tough time with her husband critically ill with cancer. She was so overcome with tears that she couldn’t order, but the barista served the crying woman her regular beverage.

The iced coffee came with a pink straw and a loving message. This small symbol of support made a huge impact and shows that Dutch Bros’ promise to create connections is sincere.

What Reddit Thinks

According to a recent survey on Reddit, most readers do not believe the Straw Code is genuine. Although every thread on the straw code does have supporters, the majority, Dutch Bros employees among them, don’t think it’s true.

Why We Don’t Believe In The Straw Code

The Straw Code is genuine because it is a marketing gimmick to create buzz around the Dutch Bros. brand and get customers to visit regularly to buy coffee. The possibility of the “secret” code being real has drawn fans to the brand and generated endless blogs and Reddit discussions.

However, the Straw Code does not part of formal Dutch Bros policy or training. Baristas are not instructed to hand out straws to rate a customer’s attractiveness, so we don’t believe it really happens.

The Straw Code is not a proper form of communication. But it is a real success as it has got fans engaging and identifying with the brand.

Dutch Bros FAQs

You can’t ask Dutch Bros for stickers except on the first Wednesday of the month.

Sticker collecting is another marketing gimmick that Dutch Bros uses to engage with their community. New stickers appear only on the first Wednesday of every month, with one sticker handed out for every drink purchased.

If you miss the first Wednesday, you can’t ask for stickers on any other day. Stickers cannot be reserved, and they are not available for purchase online.

App stickers are available throughout the month, however, and you can download these via social media.

Tipping is a personal decision, and it is for the customer to decide whether to reward the barista for their service.

Dutch Bros employees are known for their friendly, fun customer service. However, Dutch Bros’ policy on tipping is that tipping is welcome but optional. All the tips collected are shared between staff working that day.

The argument against tipping is that a barista at a drive-thru doesn’t do enough to merit a tip.

However, most baristas and servers depend on tips to supplement their low pay and appreciate being rewarded for excellent customer service.


If you go to Dutch Bros in the hope that the cute barista will give you a pink straw as a sign they like you, you’ll be disappointed. The Dutch Bros Straw Code is not an actual policy, and the employees are too busy to rate customers on their appearance. However, the Straw Code has successfully engaged with the Dutch Bros community as a marketing gimmick.


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