Calories in Black Coffee: Plain, With Sugar, & With Milk

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Coffee is a very personal thing, especially for daily drinkers. There are seemingly endless ways to customize your cup from sugar, milk, cream, syrups, and even spices. You’re probably wondering how many calories these add-ins tack on. Keep reading to find out the number of calories in black coffee and common additives.

Calories in Black Coffee: Plain, With Sugar, & With Milk

By itself, a single cup of black coffee has 2.4 calories.

That’s practically nothing, which is why many will claim that black coffee doesn’t have any calories at all. However, it’s best for you to know the specific calorie count.

So if you were concerned that your morning black coffee is working against your health goals, worry not.

Unless you are adding other ingredients to your coffee, you can actually expect a decent amount of health benefits.

If you prefer a little something in your coffee, you will want to check out the table below to find out how many calories and grams of sugar you’re tacking on. This is especially true if you consume more than one cup a day.

Calories in Black Coffee: Plain, With Sugar, & With Milk
Add-inCaloriesSugar (g)
White Sugar (1 tsp)164.2
Brown Sugar (1tsp)174.5
Coconut Sugar (1 tsp)185
Cinnamon (1 tsp)190.2
Nutmeg (1 tsp)372
Condensed Milk (1 fl oz)12321
Almond Milk-Unsweetened (.5 cup)20<1
Whole Milk (.5 cup)74.56
Cashew Milk-Unsweetened (.5 cup)12.50
Monk Fruit Sweetener00
MCT Oil (1 tbsp)1160
Grass-fed Butter (1 tbsp)102<1
Starbucks® Cinnamon Dolce Creamer (1 tbsp)406

Want to cut back on calories but still enjoy a flavorful coffee? Check out these brewing methods to learn which brewers will give you the taste you seek.

Health Benefits of Black Coffee

Increased Energy Levels

Those who drink coffee throughout the day experience a boost in energy levels since caffeine is a stimulant. It can also improve focus, mood, and mental clarity (1,2).

Better Reaction Times

Coffee contains a high amount of caffeine which can lead to increased performance on cognitive tasks (3).

Fat Burning & Physical Performance

Regular caffeine consumption has been shown to increase the resting metabolic rate of consumers by 3-4% (4). To sweeten the deal, caffeine has been shown to increase fat burning, although at varying rates, in test subjects-10% for obese subjects and 29% for lean subjects (5).

Frequently Asked Questions

Calories in Black Coffee: Plain, With Sugar, & With Milk

Yes, black coffee can help to control hunger. Caffeine is a known appetite suppressant, and when consumed on an empty stomach, it can help to reduce feelings of hunger. Additionally, black coffee is almost calorie-free and can help you stay within your daily calorie goals.

Yes, black coffee can help with weight loss. It’s extremely low in calories and it helps you stay within your daily calorie goals.

There are roughly 3 calories in every teaspoon of instant coffee. However, the exact calorie number will depend on which brand you choose. Check the nutrition facts on the back of the packaging to ensure you know how many calories you’re consuming.

Coffee can make you gain weight, but it would take many cups. You would probably experience adverse effects from the high amount of caffeine before you could drink enough to gain weight.

This exception is if you consume coffee with many add-ins such as sugar, cream, etc. These ingredients can exponentially increase the number of calories in your coffee beverage. Make sure to read nutrition facts and measure your ingredients.

Final Thoughts

So now we know the number of calories in black coffee and the common add-ins.

As you can see, coffee is versatile. You can customize your black cup by adding simple sugars, flavored syrups, or even spices to taste. If you’re looking for ways to cut calories without sacrificing taste, try drinking unsweetened coffee and add in some other natural flavors like cinnamon if necessary.

Also, consider drinking it via traditional brewing methods like French press or pour-over, which produce a richer, fuller flavor than instant coffee. Finally, remember that black coffee has health benefits like weight control and appetite suppression- so drink up!

Please let us know if you have a favorite calorie-conscious way of preparing your coffee. Thanks for reading.


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