The 10 Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines in 2024

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The 10 Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines
Super Automatic Espresso Machines

Whether you are a coffee enthusiast, considering purchasing an espresso machine for your home, or replacing one in your office, you must know the best available super-automatic espresso machines to make an informed decision.

Below are 10 options you should consider:

  1. DeLonghi Dinamica Plus  
  2. Philips 3200 Lattego  
  3. Jura E8  
  4. Gaggia Brera  
  5. Gaggia Babila  
  6. Jura Ena 4  
  7. Jura Z10  
  8. Miele CM 6360  
  9. Jura Giga 6  
  10. Saeco Xelsis  

What Is A Super Automatic Espresso Machine?  

Learning what a super-automatic espresso machine is, is essential, specifically if you are a first-time buyer. When purchasing electronic appliances, you don’t want to go in mindlessly or with a lack of knowledge and end up wasting time and money.  

These appliances are hit-and-miss with how much people actually enjoy using them. Not only do you want to ensure you know what it does, but you can keep up with its process.  

An automatic espresso machine is a coffee machine that accepts and grinds whole beans and then deposits them into the brew group. There the grounds are tamped and brewed.  

Automatic espresso machines typically have a removable reservoir for water supply. The machine dispenses hot water and steam through its steam wand. And it has controls for choosing the liquid volume you want to dispense.  

This type of appliance is a trendy, modern coffee appliance, invented to be all-inclusive and appeals to the current times, always hustling, fast-paced living, convenience-seeking user.  

With all good things, there are cons. And with the super-automatic espresso machine, you barely have any control over any brewing variables. The machine also requires professional cleaning, making it high maintenance.  

What Is A Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine?  

A semi-automatic espresso machine simply means the machine is not fully automatic. The machine does the main brewing, but you must grind the beans, load the portafilter, and tamp.  

Then you press a button to begin the shot brewing process. The great aspect of semi-auto espresso machines is that you get to decide on brewing variables, which is more user-friendly.  

These machines are more commonly used in homes and specialty coffee shops. It gives you a more personalized cup of coffee as you determine the grind size, how much coffee to use, and when the shot starts and stops.  

It is the better option for someone who is a coffee enthusiast, wants to improve their coffee-making skills, or just prefers a highly specific cup of caffeine in the morning.  

The negative aspect of semi-automatic espresso machines is that they can be time-consuming, and the steps can become daunting. This appliance might not be for you if you have limited time or a lack of patience.  

What Is A Manual Espresso Machine?  

Unlike automatic espresso machines that do most of the labor for you, manual espresso machines require you to physically work the appliance to get the coffee brewed.  

A manual espresso machine is an old-school appliance that uses fewer electrical systems, no computerized menus, and more hands-on solutions to get the job done. The plus point is that you have almost complete control of the variables.  

The machine is operated by a pulling and pushing lever. When you raise the lever, water draws into the brewing chamber. This is termed pre-infusion and saturates the coffee grounds.  

Lower the lever creates pressure, and this pressure forces the water through the coffee grounds. It then pours into your cup. This process also birthed the term “pulling shot.”  

A fully manual espresso machine lets you control the pre-infusion period, water pressure, and flow rate. This means each cup of coffee can be customized to specific flavor profiles as desired.  

Top 10 Super Automatic Espresso Machines, Ranked  

Feeling concerned about the large financial outlay you must put down is normal when investing in a super-automatic espresso machine. The prices are substantial, the options are endless, the specs are confusing, and you are probably afraid of making the wrong decision. 

Below is a list of the ten best super-automatic espresso machines and all you need to know about them. It will help you make the best decision so you can start your espresso journey and enjoy every sip with satisfaction: 

1. DeLonghi Dinamica Plus 

The 10 Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines

You might think that the Dinamica Plus is not much different from the original Dinamica. You will only understand why you should have done so much earlier once you try the upgraded version. 

The best part is that you get a high-quality machine with all the features, giving you an overall best option at the mid-range price. With 16 coffee specialty options, what more do you need? Finding another machine that compares within the same price range is difficult. 

The Dinamica Plus has a stainless-steel burr grinder with 13-level settings. If you want a machine that takes things to another level, it also has a 3.5-inch colorful touchscreen display. The individual user profiles also add another benefit to simplify your life while making coffee. 

The espresso maker produces perfect milk foam and delicious espresso and has an innovative TrueBrew ice feature allowing it to create iced coffee. One of the best aspects of DeLonghi’s birthed Dinamica Plus is making it compatible with a Coffee Link App. Now who wouldn’t want that? 


  • Colorful one-touch system screen display 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Built-in, conical grinder – 13 settings 
  • Latte crema milk frothing system 
  • Beautiful design 
  • High-quality espresso 


  • Limited user profiles 
  • Relatively noisy 
  • Slightly plasticky build 

Who is it for? 

The Dinamica Plus is for people looking for an overall quality best buy machine at a mid-range price and with many coffee specialty options. 

2. Philips 3200 Lattego  

The 10 Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines

The Philips 3200 LatteGo, named after its milk system, is one of the best super-auto espresso makers for a fantastic cup of espresso. The milk carafe mixes air and milk at high speed and automatically pours the milk over your espresso.  

If you enjoy latte art, you won’t be able to get microfoam for that because the machine produces dense, thick foam. But the hands-free milk frothing system overshadows the lack of microfoam. 

The espresso maker also has adjustable settings and allows you to customize your coffee by choosing temperature, water and shot volume, brew strength, and grind size. If you are an espresso snob, the Philips 3200 will satisfy your requirements.  

The milk carafe system is detachable, making it easy to store and wash. The machines front-facing display allows you to choose from 5 different coffees. And if you like decaf, Philips 3200 LatteGo also takes ground coffee. 

The grinder is a ceramic flat burr with 12 settings. The grinder and milk systems are pretty noisy, so it is something to consider if this might be an issue. 


  • Ceramic fat burr grinder – 12 settings 
  • AquaClean filter for reduced descaling 
  • LatteGo automatic milk frother  
  • Straightforward interface 
  • Customizable options 


  • Noisy 
  • No microfoam – dense milk froth 

Who is it for?  

This espresso maker is for anyone looking for a high-quality budget buy machine that is easy to clean and provides a range of adjustable settings. It is recommended for home and office use as the lack of microfoam for latte art makes sit slightly incompetent for signature cafes. 

3. Jura E8 

The 10 Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines

Here’s the thing about the Jura E8 super-automatic espresso machine: if budget is not your concern, then this is the best machine to purchase. It has everything you need and is fully automatic, high quality, and long-lasting. You definitely get value for your money with this coffee maker. 

This machine is admired for not having constant water flow from its Pulse Extraction Process brewing system. The water pulses in short intervals through the grounds giving your espresso better flavor and more intensity with shorter brew times. 

You get 17 drink varieties from this easy-to-use machine and an LED screen that guides you through customization. The coffee maker allows you to choose brew strength and temperature and walks you through the final result of the drink. 

There is a one-minute thermo block heating element with the addition of a preheating system in the E8 model that maintains water temperature fluctuations for optimal extraction. 

If you like milk-based beverages, you can get them with the Jura E8 with a touch of a button. The best part is that the milk and foam are released from the same spout, while espresso and froth release together from two spouts. This way, you don’t have to move your cup and can make two espressos simultaneously. 


  • One-touch milk cleaning system 
  • 12 drink specialties 
  • Sleek and modern design 
  • Customizable coffee 
  • Led screen 


  • Noisy 

Who is it for? 

The Jura E8 is for people who are looking for a premium-range espresso maker and want a quality machine that is fantastic overall. It also works great for people who prefer to get their coffee made with one button and no hassle. 

4. Gaggia Brera  

The 10 Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines

Gaggia is an excellent brand that provides customers with high-quality products for all budgets. The Brera is a fantastic espresso maker with several features offered at one of the lowest prices. It is a compact machine with an elegant design that is great for beginners to enter the super-automatic coffee world. 

It has modern features like a ceramic flat burr grinder with five settings that are not noisy like some high-end machines. There are also pre-infusion settings and brew strength customization available. The machine produces an incredible cup of espresso with limited functions and a low price point. 

The construction of the appliance includes stainless steel with the addition of plastic. The milk system is not automatic and consists of a Panarello system wand that is powerful and highly effective. But that does mean you won’t get microfoam for latte art. 

The steam function is great and heats up in 10 seconds. The machine also has a removable brew group, which makes for easy cleaning and maintenance, and it is perfect if you have limited counter space. 


  • Great for beginners 
  • Good value 
  • Elegant and compact design 
  • Straightforward interface 
  • Not noisy ceramic flat burr grinder  
  • Rapid heating 
  • Easy maintenance 


  • Manual steam wand 
  • Limited grinder settings 
  • Excess plastic 

Who is it for? 

For first-timer coffee makers and enthusiasts, the Gaggia Brera is an excellent option without complicated settings. It is also budget-friendly but high quality and recommended for those who don’t mind a manual wand. 

The 10 Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines

5. Gaggia Babila   

As mentioned, Gaggia always manufactures quality and well-conceived products, and like the Brera, the Babila does not disappoint. Babila has features similar to Brera but has a manual and automatic milk frother. That means you can choose which one you want to use each time. 

Most people who choose Gaggia coffee makers prefer the Babila because it offers fantastic features, and you don’t have to experience a lack of microfoam for latte art. Babila is in the midrange category. 

The machine helps you to let go of your basic kettle because it provides hot water from the manual frothing system for hot chocolate, teas, and instant coffee as and when needed. You can brew 11 customizable drinks by choosing temperature, grind level, water steam, and flow rate. 

This espresso maker is even more special because the dual boiler allows you to simultaneously brew and steam. This means you get your cup of coffee done quickly and simply. It has a 10-oz bean hopper, so you have to keep an eye on it. Finished beans will not stop it from brewing. 


  • Manual and automatic milk frothing system 
  • 11 customizable drinks 
  • Simultaneous brewing and steaming 
  • Ceramic flat burr grinder – 15 settings 


  • Continues brewing with no beans 

Who is it for? 

The Gaggia Babila is perfect for users who don’t mind the mid-range price point and prefer an automatic and manual option for milk frothing. It is also great if you want high-quality customized drinks. 

6. Jura ENA 4 

The 10 Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines

The price of this machine might shock you for a Jura machine, but here’s the thing, this coffee maker, unlike other automatic espresso machines, does not have a milk frothing system. If you don’t care, the Jura ENA will work for you. 

This machine works best for espresso purists because you will not get that decadent macchiato or occasional cappuccino from the ENA 4. If you are a coffee drinker interested in having a beautiful appliance with less focus on function and features, this machine will make your eyes happy. 

The espresso maker has an external water tank, a high-quality Aroma G3 grinder, and a Pulse Extraction Process brewing technology. With a focus purely on brewing espresso, this machine will make your dreams come true. 


  • Sleek and compact design 
  • Easy to use 
  • High-quality grinder 


  • Cannot froth milk 

Who is it for? 

The Jura ENA 4 is recommended for espresso purists not concerned with excessive features. It does not froth milk, so it is also best for those who have a separate frother or don’t take any milk froth. 

7. Jura Z10 

The 10 Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines

Jura never fails in the manufacturing and delivery of their products. This is especially true for their designs. The machines are absolute eye candy and will elevate the look of any space it lives in. Jura coffee makers are often mistaken as only good lookers. But they actually offer so much more. 

It includes several high-quality and well-conceived features like the Pulse Extraction Process, which users highly appreciate. The 3D brewing technology allows for even extraction by letting water flow evenly on multiple levels. 

The machine not only produces the best-textured milk foam and amazing espresso, but it also produces an incredible cold brew. It has a cold extraction process that allows your espresso to be brewed at lower temperatures creating a creamy cold coffee. 

If all that wasn’t enough, Jura z10 also includes a Product Recognizing Grinder, which can be set to adapt electronically based on the drink in preparation. The grinder is also pretty quiet, which is a much-appreciated benefit when buying super-automatic espresso machines. 


  • The grinder is not noisy 
  • Produces hot and cold coffee 
  • Fully electronically controllable 
  • Elegant and sleek design 


  • No milk container included 

Who is it for? 

8. Miele CM 6360 MilkPerfection 

The 10 Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines

Miele is a quiet brand with high-quality, durable products. The manufacturers keep dishing out consistent appliances that leave customers in awe every time. The designs are not elaborate and overdone. It is simple, classic, and minimalistic while portraying chicness and beauty. 

The CM 6360, unlike most current coffee makers, has an old-fashioned interface. It is straightforward and practical and includes buttons instead of a touch screen. The interface is substantially easy to operate, which is excellent if you are not a tech-forward person. 

Most people find it super refreshing to have a machine that is so simplified. It is also great for people, like the elderly, who struggle to learn the extensive advanced programming that many modern espresso makers have. If you want an exquisite cup of espresso without the fuss, Miele CM 6360 is the one. 

Albeit the minimalism and simplicity, it doesn’t shy on allowing customizable drinks without a hassle. The milk produced is fine-textured and perfectly hot from the double frothing system. This also creates rich, creamy coffee. Additionally, it is easy to clean. What more could you ask for? 


  • Quality brews 
  • Straightforward and practical design 
  • Minimalistic features 
  • Easy to maintain 


Not highly aesthetic 

Who is it for? 

The Miele CM 6360 is for users who want a simple design, practical features, and rich, sublime cups of espresso with an easy-to-clean option and little fuss over features. It is also in the premium range for those who can work around that budget. 

9. Jura Giga 6 

The 10 Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines

The price of this superior quality premium range super-automatic espresso machine is over the top. But what it offers is the value of your money. With all the Jura options on this list, it is clear that the brand provides consistent excellency.  

It is a considerable investment, not necessarily a machine you would purchase for home use. It is best for commercial use or an office space where multiple people will benefit. It is fully functional yet easy to operate with a full-color TFT touchscreen display for your convenience. 

The machine houses two flat burr grinders, and both are electronically adjustable. It also has two thermal blocks, two pumps, and large bean hoppers. And they are all fully functional and extremely useful. 

The milk frother creates exquisite foam, and the machine brews decadent coffees. The best part is you can personalize each cup as you prefer, from strength to the ratio of hot milk to foam. 

Unlike other super-automatic espresso machines, the Jura Giga 6 allows you to prepare two milk beverages simultaneously, unlike other coffee makers, which might only allow you to prepare two espressos simultaneously. 


  • Two electronic grinders 
  • Range of settings 
  • High-quality product 


  • App requires improvement 

Who is it for? 

The Jura Giga 6 is best for commercial and office use. It is a rare option for home use but can be an option for people who host a lot of parties or simply prefer over-the-top appliances and want a premium, superior-quality espresso maker. 

10. Philips Saeco Xelsis  

The 10 Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines

With the top-of-the-line features, it is hard to find another espresso maker that offers a similar range of operations in the same mid-range budget. The Philips Saeco Xelsis machine has a classy, sleek, stainless-steel design and will elevate any space. 

It has a ceramic burr grinder with 12 adjustment settings that are not noisy and provide consistency. The interface offers six user profiles, making it extra convenient and a quick, easy-to-useeasy-to-use product. The large interface is as beautiful as the rest of the machine, with a gloss finish. 

With an automatic milk frothing system, this machine produces foam to perfection, making your beverages creamy and smooth. The Coffee Equalizer allows you to enter your drink option by a row of sliders. 


  • Multiple settings 
  • Quiet brewing 
  • Easy operation 


  • Poor cleaning system 

Who is it for? 

The Saeco Xelsis is for anyone wanting a mid-range product with full features and operations. It is also for someone who wants a beautifully aesthetic machine. 

Choosing A Super Automatic Espresso Machine  

Whatever reason you might be considering investing in a super-automatic espresso machine, it is essential to have all the facts and information to make the best decision.  

You must consider factors like budget, quality, ease of use, etc. Always compare the specs of various coffee machines to see what best suits your requirements. You also want to decide if you’re willing to spend on cleaning and maintenance.  

If possible, maybe visit a coffee expo if one is available near you, or find a store with tester machines. This way, you can physically try out different models and brands, taste the coffee, and make the best and most informed decision through personal experience.  

Let’s delve into some super-automatic espresso machine specifics that you must consider before choosing one to purchase.  


You need to consider price and budget. Looking at models out of your price range, even if they may be great options, is pointless and can lead to disappointment. You want to shop from your appropriate budget range.  

There are budget-friendly options for the everyday coffee drinker. These machines include benefits like providing strong brewed coffee with as few steps as possible. You may think you need the best machine, but that is relative to each person’s preferences and requirements.  

Remember that you will spend money on coffee beans and milk regularly. And if money is not an issue for you, the premium options are fantastic. It’s a great investment and can save you money spent at coffee joints in the long run.  

Really good premium-range espresso machines don’t come cheap. But with what they offer, from speed and milk frothing to delicious coffee any day, anytime, with the press of a button, you get what you pay for.  

If you are looking for an average price range to consider which options are best, here are some estimates to keep in mind:  

Budget-Friendly: Under $1000  

Mid-Range: $1000 – $2000  

Premium/Commercial: $2000+  

It may seem like ridiculously high amounts, but once you really grasp the specs, benefits, and ease of use of super-automatic espresso machines, you will realize that their prices are often justified.  

Build-Quality & Materials  

You want to ensure you purchase a quality machine – especially if you spend that much money on it. One that offers you the total combination of design, functionality, and convenience within your budget range is the machine you want to go for.  

Design is relative and deeply personal. Choosing one that suits your style and fits the aesthetics of the space it will live in is the best way to go. Maybe you will prefer one that makes a bold statement in a room, or you might like elegance, whereas someone may select a more practical machine.  

Internal parts are an essential element to look at when choosing your machine. The quality of every cup of coffee depends on it. Decide if you want a single or double boiler for more efficiency. Plastic or stainless steel is another decision; thinking about how the machine will be used and who will use it helps your decision.  

Another critical aspect you must consider is cleaning and maintenance. Check if the machine has any removable parts that can be washed and determine if it will require regular professional cleaning. This should also fall into your budget decisions.  

Other minor but essential factors are measurements of the machine – so you can ensure it fits in the spot you plan to put it. Considering the water tank and bean hopper placements are also necessary to avoid moving the entire machine whenever you need to make a new brew.  

Accessories (Steam Wand/Milk Frothers)  

The in-house milk frothing system makes super-automatic espresso machines extremely appealing. This allows you to enjoy coffee shop specialties at the convenience of your own hand – simply by pressing a button.  

Some automatic espresso machines have a fully integrated milk carafe, while others have an external milk container similar to the water reservoir. They are both undeniably fun and convenient but must be cleaned well after each use.   

Certain super-automatic espresso machines come with a manual steam wand. This reduces convenience because you have to do the work yourself. But it works great and can help you improve your milk working skills and personalize latte art.  

The manual wand machines are cheaper, so it might be something to consider if you’re on a tighter budget. With a little practice, you can get incredible milk foam – sometimes better than the automatic machines offer.  

How Easy It Is To Use  

One of the primary purposes of investing in a super-automatic espresso machine is to achieve ease of use. If you are fine with the fuss of reading instructions and learning the ins and outs of new gadgets, you probably won’t mind a comprehensively functional machine.  

Machines with extensive programming can be complicated to figure out. They can also take slightly longer because you must key in specific settings to get what you want. The comprehensive settings won’t be an issue if you want personalized coffee.  

One thing to remember is that machines with plenty of programmable options are not a bad thing. It just means you have more control and can customize your brew by choosing the size, temperature, pressure, grind, etc. Less programmable machines typically only have size and coffee type.  

Most people look for simple, quick, and direct settings that only require one or two buttons to brew a delicious cup of caffeine. Additionally, consider questions such as:  

  • How easy is it to clean and descale?  
  • Is it challenging to fill and refill the water reservoir and bean hopper?  
  • How often will it require professional cleaning?  
  • Does my budget allow for necessary maintenance?  

Look into machines with dishwasher-safe parts or self-cleaning options since cleaning is often the most daunting part of owning this appliance. A machine with minimal disassembly for cleaning is also a good option.  

Grinder Quality  

One of the most remarkable qualities of a super-automatic espresso machine is the in-house coffee bean grinder. You no more have to use a separate grinder or make any manual effort. But if you want a good experience with this, you need a machine with a good grinder.  

You get different materials of grinders like steel, ceramic, etc. Stainless steel is longer lasting, but ceramic is of higher quality. You also want to search what is the grind size, capacity, speed, settings, noise level, and cleanup process.  

Super-automatic espresso machines with built-in grinders have two types of grinders:  

Flat burr set: This one has two stacked rings with teeth. They are loud, heat quickly, and produce more consistent coffee grinds than conical ones.  

Conical burr set: This uses two cone-shaped metal pieces to grind the beans  

The grind size may affect the flavor of your coffee, so a grinder with more settings allows your machine to extract better and give you the best-tasting espresso to your liking.  

The grinder is where the entire process of brewing starts. That means if your super-automatic espresso machine’s grinder is not of good quality, is not made with the correct materials, and does not live up to the standard you would prefer, you’ll probably be unhappy with the overall machine and brew.  

Bars Of Pressure (Is More Better?)  

As a coffee enthusiast, you may have already been through various coffee machines and understand the aspect of bars of pressure. It refers to the machine pump with a certain amount of bars for pressure to produce your cup of coffee.  

There is a misconception that the more bars of pressure there is, the better the coffee will be. This is simply a myth. Less or more bars of force is not the primary point. Instead, understand that most pumps, if not all, deliver around 13-15 bars of pressure.  

That is more than adequate pressure to create a good cuppa. And more bars will not necessarily make your coffee tastier, more flavorful, or stronger.   

The misunderstanding comes from capsule machines with around 18 bars of pressure. But both types of machines utilize the same popular pump. Manufacturers manipulate the brew chamber for the espresso to be extracted from the capsule, but it has no relation to the final product.  

Most Important: Do You Enjoy The Espresso It Makes?  

Investing in an espresso machine would be genuinely depressing, and then realizing you don’t even like the coffee it produces. This is why testers are so essential. Visiting coffee expos, trying it by a friend with a machine, or using the testers at a store selling the machines.  

You also want to purchase your super-automatic espresso machine with a guarantee/warranty. Once you have spent some time with the machine and had the coffee a few times, you can decide whether it is really for you. Always read the terms and conditions properly beforehand.   

Buying a super-automatic espresso machine with various programmable options lets you create the perfect cup of coffee that is precisely your preference. This means that you will likely enjoy it. Less programming machines will have you stuck with coffee you don’t like.  

However, remember that it doesn’t mean if you are particular, you won’t like coffee made with fewer options. Nor does it mean that an extensive programming machine will give you precisely what you want. It depends on the brand, model, materials, quality, and taste buds.  

Once you try espresso from various machines, you will better understand your different options. You can make some notes or track your personal ratings mentally. That way, you can make the best decision and get the most delicious cup of espresso every time.  

Super Automatic Espresso Machine FAQs 

Starbucks uses a super-automatic espresso machine by Mastrena, a brand developed exclusively for Starbucks, with streamlined functions like built-in grinders and computerized menus, and in-house cleaners, making life easier for baristas and providing delicious coffee as quickly as possible.  

Capable of preparing 16 different barista-style beverages by pressing a button, the Dinamica Plus by De’Longhi is the super-automatic espresso machine that Brad Pitt uses. He has teamed up with the brand and is now a global ambassador.  

A super-automatic espresso machine makes various types of delicious coffee, steams milk for hot chocolate, and heats water for teas. Enjoy a high-quality brewed cup of espresso will save you time and money.  


There is no one specific super-automatic espresso machine that is considered the best. There are great ones for every budget and set of requirements and preferences. From the guide above, you can figure out what will work best for you and enjoy your next cuppa like a pro! 


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