The 15 Best Decaf Coffees – 2024

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Decaf coffee is underrated. For true coffee aficionados, there is far more to a cup of joe than caffeine content. Each decaf coffee cup has an incredible backstory involving culture, climate, ethics, and history. This is a list of 2023’s 15 best decaf coffees.

The 15 Best Decaf Coffees

The 15 Best Decaf Coffees of 2023:

  1. Best Overall- Lifeboost Dark Decaf
  2. Best Tasting- Starbucks Caffé Verona Coffee
  3. Best Comfort- Kicking Horse Decaf Dark Roast Coffee
  4. Best Budget- Seattle’s Best Coffee Decaf Portside Blend
  5. Best Organic- Cafe Don Pablo Subtle Earth Organic Coffee
  6. Best Low Acid- Lifeboost Organic Medium Roast Decaf
  7. Best Coffee Pods- Keurig’s Original Donut Shop Decaf K-Cup Pods Medium Roast
  8. Best Light Roast- Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Breakfast Blend Decaf Coffee
  9. Best Medium Roast- Volcanica Coffee Company House Decaf Coffee
  10. Best Dark Roast- Peet’s Major Dickason’s Dark Roast Decaf Coffee
  11. Best High End- Atlas Coffee Club Decaf Coffee
  12. Best Instant- Mount Hagen Organic Freeze-Dried Instant Decaf Coffee
  13. Best Espresso- Lavazza Dek Whole Bean Decaf Coffee
  14. Best Water Swiss Process- Verena Street Sunday Drive Swiss-Water-Process
  15. Best Pre-Ground- Smooth Jo Decaf

This list explores the enriching experience of decaf coffee in various categories. There are many reasons to drink decaf, which can hold its own next to regular coffee. Decaf is invigorating and healthy with strong, nuanced flavors.

Reasons To Drink Decaf Coffee

Decaf, or decaffeinated coffee, is coffee with about 97% of its naturally occurring caffeine removed. So, one cup of decaf has two to five milligrams of caffeine. In comparison, a regular cup of coffee contains about 85 to 100 milligrams of caffeine.

Caffeine is removed from the coffee cherry via different means. The four main methods of extracting caffeine from coffee beans include the Swiss Water Processing Method, the Carbon Dioxide Method, the Direct Contact Method, Indirect Solvent Method.

Unfortunately, usually, once coffee cherries are decaffeinated, they no longer contain their characteristic taste. The exception is the Swiss Water Process Method. However, the coffees on this list have gone to lengthy measures to preserve the natural appeal of regular coffee.

Decaf offers a coffee experience without the negative consequences of caffeine- prolonged jittery feelings, anxiety, or mental and physical crashing.

There are minor nutrient amounts in all coffee types. For example, one cup has vitamin B3, 2.4% of the necessary dosage of magnesium, and 4.8% potassium.

Three cups a day offers the proper nutrient level. The naturally occurring antioxidants in the coffee cherry assist in deactivating free radicals, which are responsible for causing cancer. Approximately 15% of antioxidants are destroyed from the coffee cherry during decaffeination.

The Health Benefits Of Decaf And Regular Coffee

There are many health benefits to both regular and decaf coffee. This bitter substance is rich in antioxidants and vital active elements. Studies have indicated a relationship between reduced Type 2 diabetes by up to 7%. So, caffeine isn’t integral to the health benefits of coffee.

There have been signs of a direct link between decaf and active liver defensive mechanisms. Also, there’s an indication of a slight reduction in premature death- stroke and heart disease. Antioxidants safeguard DNA and cellular proteins from damage. Also, they reduce oxidative stress.

Decaf is believed to be responsible for preventing the degeneration of mental diseases like Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other age-related mental disorders. The properties of decaf support the growth, recovery, and protection of neurons.

Chlorogenic acid in coffee is posited as the chemical that sustains and promotes neuronal longevity, not caffeine. Additionally, decaf contains bioactive compounds like polyphenols, diterpenes, and trigonelline- these are immensely beneficial. 

More research needs to be done specifically on the health benefits of decaf.

Best Decaf Coffee Beans, By Category

This is a list of the best decaf coffee beans of 2023. They’re divided into 15 categories. These categories are essential to assist buyers in purchasing a specialized decaf coffee tailored to their needs. 

Many facets go into an excellent decaf brew, and this is a comprehensive breakdown of your best coffee options. The categories detail the flavor profile, the decaffeination process, the bean origin, the bean type, the culture, and the ethics of each company.

Lifeboost Dark Decaf – Best Overall

The 15 Best Decaf Coffees

The best overall decaf coffee is Lifeboost Dark Decaf.  

Lifeboost is the healthiest coffee brand, and only 2% of the market reaches its exceptional cultivation, roasting, and purity standards. There are many beneficial features to Lifeboost decaf coffee, making it the 2023’s best overall product.

Firstly, Lifeboost decaffeinates its coffee via the Swiss Water Processing method. This water-based caffeine-freeing technique takes hours of gentle wheedling from the green coffee cherry. It’s 100% chemical-free, retaining the complex chemical compounds of the bean.

This conscientious company engages with rigorous Fair-Trade policies and is USDA certified. Additionally, it doesn’t genetically modify the coffee DNA to enhance the taste. The coffee products undergo thorough third-party tests to assess quality, cleanliness, and toxin levels.


Lifeboost is single-origin. This means that it sources its coffee beans from small farms in Central America. This decaf dark roast single-origin blend consists of 100% arabica beans. These superior-strain beans offer the most delectable cup.  

The Coffea Arabica tree is shade grown in the high altitudes of mountainous Central America. The coffee cherry’s nutrients and rich flavor palette peak in these harmonious conditions. The cherries are handpicked, sun-dried, and spring-water-washed.

The roasting method is relevant to the quality of the cup. Lifeboost hand roasts its beans, promising a premium cup every time. This dark roast is potent and bold, with caramel and nutty undercurrents. Additionally, it’s very low in acidity.

Starbucks Caffé Verona Coffee – Best Tasting

The 15 Best Decaf Coffees

Starbucks Caffé Verona Coffee is 2023’s best-tasting coffee. Caffé Verona decaf represents the full-bodied, rich flavors of its caffeine counterpart. Combined with a bitter taste, it has caramel, dark chocolate, nut, and toffee traces. Also, there is a blonde and medium roast for less intense versions.

A disadvantage of Caffé Verona decaf is the process used to decaffeinate the bean. They soak the beans in hot water for several hours. Then after a series of steps, carbon dioxide is used to strip the bean. However, the final product is chemical-free, and the coffee retains its deep aromatic taste.  


The dark cocoa silhouette of Caffé Verona decaf is complemented by its caramel undertones. It’s multi-origin and sources coffee from across the globe- Asia, the Pacific, and Central and South America. These regions are renowned for the ideal altitude and climate to nurture the arabica tree.

The intercontinental blend is responsible for the variegated, unique flavor palette. It’s made with 100% Arabica beans and is dark-roasted.

Another drawback to Starbucks Café Verona decaf is its freshness. The sizeable nature of Starbucks requires that they maintain a roasting and storage timetable. Once a batch is roasted, they’re stored in a warehouse. Ultimately, storing the beans keeps the price low. Yet it compromises the freshness.   

Keeping in mind the perishable character of the coffee, store it in an airtight container. This will ensure that the resonant fragrances won’t escape.  

Kicking Horse Decaf Dark Roast Coffee – Best Comfort

The 15 Best Decaf Coffees

Kicking Horse Decaf Dark Roast Coffee is the best-flavored coffee of 2023 for that cozy feeling. This organic, dark-roast brew has a velvet, dark cocoa texture with hints of roasted hazelnuts. Additionally, Kicking Horse has a luscious, smooth aftertaste.

Kicking Horse decaf dark roasted uses the Swiss Water Processing method. There is only one Swiss Water Processing facility in the world. This treatment relies on time, water, and temperature to gradually coax the caffeine from the bean while maintaining its integrity.

The decaffeination process affects the taste and texture of the coffee. Coffee consists of about 1000 complex chemicals and nutrients. Isolating and removing caffeine from coffee cherries is extensive and intricate. Swiss Water Processing preserves the bean’s flavor the most.

A cup of decaffeinated coffee typically tastes milder than a regular cup. In comparison, Kicking Horse Decaf maintains its premium flavor-rich, robust, and bold.


In addition to the decaffeination process, the extent that a bean is roasted determines the flavor and consistency of the coffee. Typically, a darker roast has a bolder, sweeter flavor profile as it contains less fiber. Lighter roasts have complex, nuanced flavors as their natural oils aren’t destroyed.

During roasting, beans begin caramelizing due to chemical decomposition from the intense heat. The bean’s natural sugars are converted to caramelized compounds. The roast accounts for Kicking Horse’s characteristic caramelized undertones among a dark chocolate hazelnut swirl.

Kicking Horse is Fair Trade certified and sources only arabica beans from eco-sanctioned farms in Central and South America. These coffee beans are shade-grown, organic, and roasted in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Seattle’s Best Coffee Decaf Portside Blend – Best Budget

The 15 Best Decaf Coffees

Seattle’s Best Coffee Decaf Portside Blend is the best budget decaf for 2023. This affordable, high-quality coffee is made from 100% arabica beans from Latin America. It’s placed through many quality controls, checks, and procedures to guarantee taste and texture consistency.

Unfortunately, the bag is only available ground in 12 ounces. It could be an advantage to those who don’t have the time to grind their beans. Due to its stringent quality control policy, the bean is placed through at least three rigorous checks before its ground- including tasting tests. 

Another downside is that Seattle Portside Blend is decaffeinated with chemicals via direct contact, not the Swiss water. Direct contact uses chemicals directly on the coffee beans to extract the caffeine.

The direct contact process involves steaming the green coffee cherries for half an hour. Following this, they’re rinsed repeatedly with ethyl acetate or methylene chloride chemicals for about ten hours. Once the solvent is washed from the coffee cherries, they’re steamed for about ten hours.

Also, the process may use supercritical carbon dioxide. Supercritical carbon dioxide describes the storage process of carbon dioxide at high pressure and temperature. It’s an effective decaffeination agent.


Seattle Decaf Portside Blend has a well-rounded, robust, signature texture and is medium roasted. This silky brew consists of a blend of smooth-roasted premium beans. Use filtered water to brew the beans- this will enhance their flavor.

Additionally, preserve the quality of Seattle’s Best by keeping the ground beans in an airtight container. This decaf is a good choice for those with sensitive stomachs.

Seattle’s Best Coffee has been producing coffee for about thirty years. They understand the market and customer needs. Two more decaf coffee blends are offered by Seattle- 6th Avenue Bistro and Post Alley. However, their signature decaf blend is not available in darker roasts or beans.

Cafe Don Pablo Subtle Earth Organic Coffee – Best Organic

The 15 Best Decaf Coffees

Cafe Don Pablo Subtle Earth Organic Coffee is 2023 best organic decaf coffee.

Brought to you from Honduras, this 100% arabica organic coffee is a delicious blend of milk-cholate, hints of honey, fruit, and the strong bitter hit of a regular cup. This organic coffee company boasts over 1,000,000 coffee trees in South America.

Café Don Pablo promotes Fair Trade. It endorses organizational equity and mutual gain for farm hands, farm holders, and the company. Additionally, this coffee franchise is certified by CCOF. It’s GMO-free and doesn’t genetically engineer the taste.

Decaffeinated via the Swiss Water Method, each coffee cherry is rich in oils, acids, and complex chemicals, creating a full flavor palette. Further, this decaf has a smooth aftertaste that enriches your coffee experience.


Café Don Pablo’s roasting method uses small-batch artisan roasts. Small batch roasting is a specialized roasting process and guarantees a premium brew. Coffee is roasted in batches up to 50 pounds, or a 150-pound batch is roasted in a 250-pound capacity roaster. 

An exceptional feature of Don Pablo’s roasting method is that each batch is set-to-order. This is important, as batches of beans aren’t roasted and stored in a warehouse. Stored beans lose their aromas, oils, and flavor compounds. Roast-to-order beans maintain their fresh appeal.

Roast-to-order and other characteristics keep Don Pablo a quality-driven company. Their small-batch artisan roasts and set-to-order schedule facilitate the time between roasting and brewing. The freshness of your brew is discernable with enhanced caressing flavors.

The medium dark roast caramelizes the natural sugars and offers a slightly smoky nuance to the brew. The end product is a deeply rewarding swirl of smooth, rich, and low-acid coffee that tastes like a regular cup.

Lifeboost Organic Medium Roast Decaf – Best Low Acid

The 15 Best Decaf Coffees

This 2023 list acknowledges Lifeboost Organic Medium Roast Decaf as the best low-acid decaf coffee.

Grown in the high mountainous altitudes of Central America, the Lifeboost coffee bean has low acidity (scoring six on the pH scale), is free of chemicals and pesticides, and is abundant in antioxidants. Additionally, it’s USDA-certified organic.  

This single-origin coffee is a fair-trade product. Single-origin ensures the high quality of the coffee ben is pesticide free and 100% organic. As a fair-trade product, the economic partnership between roaster and farmer is equitable, representative, fair, and mutually beneficial.

Lifeboost promotes sustainable production of small farm communities, and this prized organic decaf bean is from areas in Central America, like the mountainous regions of Nicaragua.

The Lifeboost organic coffee decaffeination process is the Swiss Water method. This means it’s entirely chemical-free and preserves the natural state of the coffee cherry better than any of the four other methods.


Unfortunately, Lifeboost decaf coffee beans have a slightly higher price tag due to its single-origin decaf of arabica beans. The arabica plant yields a superior coffee cherry naturally low in acidity and caffeine. It has a smooth, aromatic flavor profile.

However, the Coffea Arabica plant is delicate and needs specific conditions to thrive- like the high altitudes of small farmsteads in Central America. The high altitude is responsible for the velvet, sweet, airy taste.

This organic brew has a rich, deep flavor profile that ranges from chocolate to fruity. The requirements for excellent tasting coffee include high altitudes and the right shade. In addition, the rich, complex quality of the coffee cherries needs protection from the sun to ripen.

Lifeboost Organic Decaf farming methods are rare. Globally, only 2% of coffee is shade grown. Additionally, shade growth prevents the need for pesticides. Generally, Lifeboost specializes in low-acid coffee from small farmers’ cultivation methods in Central America. 

Lifeboost’s low-acid coffee bean undergoes multiple toxin tests to ensure its organic product is clean. It doesn’t contain mycotoxins, pesticides, or heavy metals. In addition, their beans are hand roasted, producing a superior taste. Yet the degree of roast doesn’t affect the caffeine.

Keurig’s Original Donut Shop Decaf K-Cup Pods, Medium Roast – Best Coffee Pods

The 15 Best Decaf Coffees

Keurig’s Original Donut Shop Decaf K-Cup Pods, Medium Roast, is consistently rated 2023’s best coffee pod list.

A neat supply of first-class, quick-cup coffee, the Original Donut Shop Decaf brew is the favored coffee pod on the market. Also, the decaf version equals the regular in taste and texture. Every pod has an intense aromatic quality.

The Donut Shop uses both arabica and robusta beans in their brew. The decaf pods have more arabica than caffeinated pods.

The Donut Shop belongs to Keurig. Keurig is a part of the brand- Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. They source coffee from over thirty countries- Central America, Columbia, East Africa, and Indonesia.


These quick-serving coffee K-cups have a bold, nuanced flavor palette. Additionally, the brew offers a fresh cup of the highest quality beans.

  • Size: 6, 12, 24, 72, or 96 pods
  • Available in (Whole/Ground): K-Cup
  • Roast: Medium
  • Origin: Over thirty countries, including Central America, Columbia, East Africa, and Indonesia
  • Link to Product: The Original Donut Shop® Coffee

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Breakfast Blend Decaf Coffee – Best Light Roast

The 15 Best Decaf Coffees

The selection of the best light roast for 2023 goes to Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Breakfast Blend Decaf Coffee.

Green Mountain uses 100% arabica coffee and sources its stock from various regions across the globe- Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Rwanda, and Uganda. They gather their coffee stock depending on the time of year.

They have about 30 coffee varieties, and each product reflects the area where the coffee is sourced. Green Mountain is dedicated to sustainability, social responsibility, and quality.


The Breakfast Blend is a lovely nuanced decaf coffee that has strong elements of fruit and sweet undercurrents of hazelnut. This medium roast presents a crisp, fresh cup of coffee with a clean finish at every serving.

A light roast presents the variety of flavors inherent in one bean. It better preserves the complex makeup of the bean. This particular blend is a mild, smooth flavor profile with noticeable nuttiness.

  • Size: 12-ounce bag
  • Available in (Whole/Ground): Ground, K-cup box 24 ct
  • Roast: Light roast
  • Origin: 30 countries worldwide, including Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Rwanda, and Uganda
  • Link to Product: Breakfast Blend Decaf Coffee | Keurig

Volcanica Coffee Company House Decaf Coffee – Best Medium Roast

The 15 Best Decaf Coffees

Volcanica Coffee Company House Decaf Coffee is 2023’s best medium roast. This high-end coffee uses the fertile soil from volcanic mountains at high altitudes to cultivate its coffee. It’s made from 100% arabica beans.

It’s a multi-origin coffee company that sources its beans from varied regions worldwide. The beans are then roasted in the company’s birth city- Atlanta, Georgia. The decaf process is the Swiss Water method, which preserves the bean’s natural flavors.  

A main advantage of Volcanica Coffee Company House is its decaf varieties- Costa Rican Decaf, Sumatra Mandheling Decaf, and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Decaf (among others). Relying on the nutrient-rich soil from volcanic ash guarantees full-bodied coffee cherries. 


Volcanica Decaf is for coffee enthusiasts who enjoy brewing a cup from freshly ground coffee beans. Also, it’s great for those who use beans to prepare French Press Coffee or Cold Brew Coffee.

The flavor profile of Volcanica Decaf ranges from fruity, nut, chocolate, hazelnut, and caramel. The varieties give coffee fans (who can’t tolerate caffeine) a chance to explore some luxurious textures, fragrances, and tastes. They have a well-balanced bitter palette with sugar hints.

Peet’s Major Dickason’s Dark Roast Decaf Coffee – Best Dark Roast

The 15 Best Decaf Coffees

Peet’s Major Dickason’s Dark Roast Decaf Coffee is 2023’s best dark roast decaf.

Peets coffee beans are hand-roasted in manageable batch sizes. This roasting method ensures the premium quality of the decaf blend. Each cup has a consistently bold, silky body with a smooth aftertaste. This rigorous roasting process is an effective form of quality control.

Peets Dark Roast uses the Water Process to decaffeinate their coffee beans. This mild, non-invasive method wheedles caffeine from the coffee cherry. This multi-origin premium blend consists of 100% arabica beans.


The deep, bold tone of Peets dark roast has smoky, spicy traces making it an enriching coffee experience. This robust, dark, and bold taste is invigorating and the perfect cup to settle the evening. With a full-bodied texture and intense aromas, Peets Makor Dickason promotes traditional coffee.

Atlas Coffee Club Decaf Coffee – Best High-End

Atlas Coffee Club Decaf Coffee is 2023 best high-end coffee.

Atlas Coffee Club Decaf Coffee is an exciting and innovative venture in coffee consumption. Atlas Coffee Club is a subscription service that supplies you with coffee every two or four weeks. They let you tailor your order to your preference- the type of roast, the country, and the brewing method.

Your coffee is delivered to your door. They source their coffee from all over the world. It’s an exploration of taste and culture. Atlas does have a decaf subscription, and it’s offered in a medium roast.


Atlas world tour decaf coffee experience begins with products sourced from Ethiopia. Each package delivered to your door is single-origin, and this ensures that the quality is consistent. The company’s ethical guidelines also maintain that small farmers are financially protected.

Each batch is artfully roasted. They schedule their roasting as roast-to-order and therefore don’t stockpile their product. Also, the roasting represents the country from which the coffee is sourced.

Mount Hagen Organic Freeze-Dried Instant Decaf Coffee – Best Instant Coffee

The 15 Best Decaf Coffees

Mount Hagen Organic Freeze-Dried Instant Decaf Coffee is the choice option for instant decaf coffee of 2023.

A Free Trade-endorsed coffee company supports regions that cultivate the arabica coffee tree. This readily available instant coffee is made from 100% arabica coffee beans and is premium quality. This company has two organic verification stamps- USDA organically certified and EU organic.

Grown in the Highlands, the coffee is meticulously sorted, the best beans selected and individually harvested.

Mount Hagen employs a patented CR3 Natural Liquid Carbon Dioxide Coffee Decaffeination Process. It uses subcritical conditions of carbon dioxide. (Compare with supercritical carbon dioxide).


Its strong taste isn’t too acidic. It has a harmonious flavor profile and medium roast. That means there is a range of flavors with sweet caramel tones. This instant coffee has an elegant, smooth texture.

  • Size: 8/1.76-ounce bag, 3.53-ounce jar, or a box of 25 individual serving sticks
  • Available in (Whole/Ground): Instant
  • Roast: Medium
  • Origin: Papua New Guinea
  • Link to Product: Decaf Sticks – Mount Hagen

Lavazza Dek Whole Bean Decaf Coffee – Best Espresso

The 15 Best Decaf Coffees

Lavazza Dek Whole Bean Decaf Coffee is 2023 best espresso.

This blend of medium roast arabica beans is from Brazil and Vietnam. The espresso shots jam pack a punch of caffeine-free arabica swirl without the negative consequences of regular espresso. It’s the ideal ingredient for decaf lattes and cappuccinos. All you need is a milk frother.

The decaffeination process of Lavazza Dek is carbon dioxide. This process involves liquid carbon dioxide poured over the coffee cherries that have been soaked in water. The caffeine elements are extracted, leaving behind the flavor compounds.

The carbon dioxide decaffeination method is expensive and technically advanced. Lavazza has various features that make it an expensive product. 


The flavor palette of Lavazza Dek Whole Bean Decaf Coffee consists of two main tones- hazelnut and roasted cereal. The medium roast encompasses a delectable consistency of an enriching decaf brew.

Lavazza Dek offers a classic Italian coffee experience. The beans are roasted in the conventional Italian style. They have a signature dark and rich flavor profile.

For any roasting process, the beans’ acid and oil levels are an important factor in taste and texture. Lavazza’s unique roasting style brings out the peak essence of the bean.

The effect of the natural oils, once roasted in this traditional way, creates an excellent crèma. This is without the drama of excess oil that frequently accompanies an inferior brand.

Your espresso machine should make good work of this blend. Yet, if you grind the beans like a barista, they’ll suit any brew method.

  • Size: Eight ounces of pre-ground coffee and 1.1 pounds of whole bean bag
  • Available in (Whole/Ground): Whole bean, ground, Blue System pods, and ESE pods
  • Roast: Medium
  • Origin: Brazil and Vietnam
  • Link to Product: Dek Decaffeinated – Whole Bean Coffee | Lavazza

Verena Street Sunday Drive Swiss-Water-Process – Best Swiss Water Process

The 15 Best Decaf Coffees

Verena Street Sunday Drive Swiss-Water-Process is 2023’s best Swiss Water Process decaf coffee.

Verena Street company has a heartfelt back story, and their love for coffee is evident in their brew. The coffee is made with 100% arabica beans.

Swiss Water Processed is the most refined decaffeination method. It’s gentle and warrants that each cherry maintains its full form.  


The key to Verena Street Decaf is in its distinct blends. The coffee beans are multi-origin, and the medium roast provides subtle variegations in taste and aroma. This brew is rich, smooth, and full-bodied.

  • Size: 11-ounce bag
  • Available in (Whole/Ground): Ground
  • Roast: Medium
  • Origin: Multi-Origin, Columbia
  • Link to Product: Verena Street

Smooth Jo Decaf – Best Pre-Ground

The 15 Best Decaf Coffees

Smooth Jo Decaf is the best pre-ground coffee of 2023.

Jo Coffee is an organically USDA-certified coffee company. They endorse Fair Trade and are recognized Q-Cupper participants. Jo Coffee is one of the highest-rated coffee brands and produces quality cups year after year.

Also, they’re Kosher Certified and are NON-GMO. This means they don’t genetically alter the DNA of their coffee to improve the taste.

Smooth Jo Decaf uses Swiss Water Processing to extract caffeine from the coffee cherries. This means that the integrity of the bean is maintained, and the complex chemical compound flavors remain.


It has the same full flavor and fragrance as regular coffee. This delicious decaf drink has dark chocolate aromas with hints of cherry. The dark French roast lends each cup a creamy, smooth quality.

Decaf Coffee FAQs

Yes, it’s ok to drink decaf coffee every day. Habitually drinking decaf coffee is beneficial and promotes longevity. It also improves mood and attention span. Yet, as with all things, too much can be harmful.

Too much decaf will increase the likelihood of heart attack or myocardial infarction. Studies revealed that too much decaf increases the amount of bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol). This wasn’t evident in the caffeinated sample.

Decaf is also connected to specific blood fat elevations involved with metabolic syndrome. The chemicals used to extract caffeine are potentially harmful. These chemicals include methylene chloride, which is carcinogenic.

The chemicals used to decaffeinate the coffee bean can aggravate Rheumatoid Arthritis. Other adverse effects of decaf include a rise in acidity levels, preventing iron absorption, headaches, fatigue, and drowsiness. Just a note, regular coffee also prevents iron absorption.

Drinking moderate amounts of decaf is fine. However, people who are exceedingly sensitive to caffeine should avoid decaf, as it does contain trace amounts. This includes those pregnant or lactating or struggling to sleep.

Premium coffees use 100% arabica bean. Only one other main bean competes against the arabica on the market- the robusta. The robusta is comparatively bitter and harsh.

While the arabica coffee tree is delicate and demands much from its environment, the coffee cherry produces more favorable tastes- more nuanced, less acidic, and less bitter.

Another important aspect of bitter coffee is the roasting process. Enquire into the roasting techniques of the coffee cherry. Each bean has an inherent amount of natural sugar and oils. The sugar caramelizes as the cherries roast, and the oils produce a crema surface layer covering the bean.

Lifeboost is a coffee brand renowned for its smooth, mellow taste palette. It completely lacks any bitterness. Another great coffee brand is Café Don Pablo. Their small batch artisans’ roast and order-to-roast schedule guarantee a nuanced flavor profile and fresh product.

Generally, yes, drinking decaf is a healthier alternative to regular joe. For example, if you’re struggling with blood pressure, your GP will advise you to switch to decaf. Furthermore, certain prescription medications heighten the adverse effects of caffeine.  

The rate at which your body metabolizes caffeine might be slower than the average population. If this is so, regular coffee won’t be good for your body or mind.

Some people aren’t aware they’re more sensitive to caffeine and can’t engage with coffee as others. These people must avoid decaf as well.


This list of the 15 best decaf coffee of 2023 is sorted according to various categories. Each of the top-tiered decaf coffees in this article has unique backstories that include different countries, cultures, and histories. The coffee company’s Fair-Trade procedures are essential. The best coffee overall is Lifeboost Dark Decaf, as it’s the healthiest brand with rare, pure cultivation practices.


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