The 10 Best Canned Coffees, Ranked In 2024

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The 10 Best Canned Coffees, Ranked

On the hunt for the best canned coffees to quick-start your day? Luckily, there are loads of great options to choose from!

Canned coffee is an indulgence due to the high-quality brands that manufacture them. An unexpected delight, canned coffee is rapidly being consumed by coffee enthusiasts. This article details the top-tiered canned coffees available.

  1. Best Black Coffee- Boss Coffee Black Brew Cold Black Coffee
  2. Best Cold Brew- Blue Bottle Cold Brew Coffee
  3. Best Kona- UCC Hawaii Kona Blend Coffee with Milk
  4. Best Dairy Free- Pop and Bottle Oat Milk Latte
  5. Best Nitro- Sail Away Coffee Nitro Cold Brew Cans
  6. And more …

Best Canned Coffees, Ranked

This list of the finest canned coffees is centered on several factors- caffeine, calorie, nutrient, and sugar content. As with all things, there is a balance of advantages versus disadvantages. Many noteworthy brands didn’t make the list. Yet, canned coffee is a worthwhile beverage- consumers can enjoy time spent discovering their personal favorite.

Caffeine– Generally, canned coffee contains about 65 to 220 milligrams of caffeine. The caffeine content in a regular cup of joe is about 95 mg to 120 mg. Death Wish Coffee is a premium brand that offers 300 mg of caffeine per serving- if you’re looking for a high-caffeine coffee hit.

Calories– There are about 50 to 120 calories in canned coffee. This depends on the flavor, sugar, and artificial sweeteners used. Rise Original Black is a nitrogen-fused award-winning coffee that has ten calories. While Super Cold Brew Black Bold and Smooth Coffee has zero calories, this healthy coffee option contains vitamins like L-theanine that assist concentration.

Nutrients– A wide variety of coffee companies cater to non-dairy dietary coffee preferences- these contain oatmilk, coconut, rice, macadamia, and almond milk. Califa Nitro Latte with Oatmilk is a velvety, non-dairy substitute that ranks highly amongst baristas. Taika Macadamia Latte is an inventive, delicious concoction of adaptogens and macadamia milk with 60 calories.

Sugar– Be aware of added sugars and ensure the sugar content is less than five percent. The amount is indicated on the back label of the can in the daily value column. Your body requires less than ten percent sugar in daily calorie consumption. An excess of sugar is directly related to several health problems.   

Best Black Coffee

The 10 Best Canned Coffees, Ranked
Canned Boss Coffee – Flash Brew Cold Black Coffee

Boss Coffee Flash Brew Original Cold Black Coffee is the best black canned coffee. The Boss canned coffee selection is a renowned and highly respected beverage brand. It belongs to the Japanese whiskey corporation Suntory- an award-winning parent company responsible for Maker’s Mark, Jim Bean, Courvoisier, and Laphroaig. Suntory has made coffee brewing an art.

Boss makes its coffee via a specialized process called flash brewing. The Japanese flash brew technique ensures the Boss brand stays ahead of other canned coffee manufacturers. Flash refers to the high brewing temperatures followed by immediate cooling. The heat releases the coffee’s flavor, and the rapid chill instantly seals it. The complex coffee compounds are preserved.

The coffee’s bitterness is notably reduced, and the taste and texture are smooth with a mellow aftertaste. Many coffee enthusiasts prefer flash brewing to the highly popular nitro-grind and cold brew. The premium beans are sourced from Columbia and Brazil- the ideal altitude and climate conditions.

Boss Original Cold Black Advantages

  • Flash brew’s direct cooling process from a high heat captures the caramel suggestions of the roasted bean before the dominant bitter flavor settles in.
  • The Original Black is ready to drink.
  • It has no added sugar.

Boss Original Cold Black Disadvantages

  • This drink is comparatively expensive to other brands.
  • There have been complaints that the cans are flimsy.

Boss canned coffee is light in sodium, sugar-free, and dairy-free. It’s an eight-ounce can that contains 140 mg of caffeine and has ten calories.

Best Cold Brew

Canned Blue Bottle Coffee – Bold Cold Brewed Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee Cold Brew is a specialty roast coffee that expresses complex flavors and slight hints of caramel, chocolate, fruits, and nuts. There is so much to enjoy in one Blue Bottle coffee can. Blue Bottle’s mandate is to carefully harness each coffee cherry’s inner quality. As a result, every roasted cherry presents an array of flavors and nutrients.

Over the past twenty years, Blue Bottle has developed coffee craftsmanship into fine art- their canned cold brew results in fruitier nutty flavors without the high acidity. The consideration placed on each cherry is evident in their brew. Additionally, Blue Bottle is certified organic and sourced from local farms that are environmentally sound.

Blue Bottle employees are highly skilled and certified Q graders. They’re tasked with determining the sensory quality and valued experience that Blue Bottle’s coffee promises. The ethos of Blue Bottle Coffee is promoting a sustainable company that promotes the highest quality coffee.

The coffee offered by Blue Bottle surpasses specialty-grade standards. For a coffee to be considered a specialty grade, it must register 80 points or higher on a 100-point scale- Blue Bottle grades at 84. In addition, freshness is guaranteed as the product is delivered directly from the roastery.

Blue Bottle is unquestionably a high-end coffee that has raised the bar on sourcing, producing, and distributing coffee.

Blue Bottle Cold Brew Advantages

  • Blue Bottle is a specialty coffee, grading at 84 points.
  • Blue Bottle captures coffee’s complete flavor profile.
  • This company engages in environmentally and socially sound trade and farming practices.
  • High quality is in every aspect of the business.

Blue Bottle Cold Brew Disadvantages

  • It’s an expensive brand.
  • It isn’t as accessible as other canned coffees.

The caffeine content in an eight-ounce can range from 90 to 110 mg. It contains zero calories, zero sugar, and is dairy free.

Best Kona

The 10 Best Canned Coffees, Ranked
Canned UCC – Hawaii Kona Blend Coffee With Milk

UCC Hawaii Blend Coffee Kona with Milk promotes one of Hawaii’s most highly sought-after exports- coffee. Hawaii is renowned for its coffee, and UCC has managed to capture and package paradise. The canned beverage is the perfect balance of subtle and sweet. Its milky undercurrent highlights the coffee’s chocolate flavor notes.

This easily accessible drink (also sold on Amazon) is a must, even if you avoid milk and sugar. Another great feature of UCC Kona Blend is that it’s excellent hot and cold. Drink it cold from a can or pour the contents into your favorite mug, warm it in the microwave, and enjoy Hawaii’s best at home.

UCC Hawaii Blend Coffee Kona with Milk Advantages

  • Its sweet milky content doesn’t overwhelm.
  • The can size is 11,3 ounces, making it a larger can for the price on the market.
  • Unlike UCC Hawaii Blend, not every canned coffee brand can be drunk hot and cold.

UCC Hawaii Blend Coffee Kona with Milk Disadvantages

  • The higher-than-average sugar content exceeds the daily required amount for adults.
  •  There have been online complaints about dented cans that received damage during shipping.

UCC Hawaii Blend Coffee Kona with Milk has a caffeine content of 168,5 mg in an 11.3-ounce can. It contains dairy, 22 g of sugar, and 120 calories.

Best Dairy-Free

The 10 Best Canned Coffees, Ranked
Canned Pop & Bottle – Classic Cold brew Oat Milk Latte

Pop and Bottle’s awe-inspiring vision for their product elevates coffee to an undreamt-of level. Packaged in light pastels of unassuming pink, blue, and nude, the brand’s appeal doesn’t stop at the aesthetics.

The San Francisco duo- Jash and Blair, have refined coffee lattes with simple plant-based ingredients. Focusing on health, the oatmilk lattes offer various flavors with adaptogens like collagen, ashwagandha, maca root, and medical mushrooms- reishi, maitake, and lion’s mane.

With a touch of pink Himalayan salt, these coffee blends will make any day an adventure in nutrients, vitality, and taste. The lattes express elegant flavors with subtle hints of the complex coffee profile and are ultimately delicious. In addition, the elusive flavors allow you to enjoy more than one every morning, promoting healthier energizing options.

The brand is environmentally sound and certified. All products are organic, gluten-free, with no refined sugars, no additives, and are solely plant-based.

Their drinks also feature almond milk and coconut cream. The oatmilk is a non-dairy substitute that is naturally creamy and fulfilling, and the adaptogens keep you energized in a naturally beneficial way.

Pop and Bottle Oatmilk Latte Advantages

  • Energizing
  • Stress-relieving (ashwagandha, maca root)
  • Beauty enhancing
  • Socially-environmentally conscious.
  • Delicious and enjoyable.

Pop and Bottle Oatmilk Latte Disadvantages

  • Pop and Bottle contains a higher calorie content than most canned coffees.

Popo and Bottle Oatmilk Lattes contain 80 mg of caffeine per eight-ounce can, with about 100 – 150 calories, zero-refined sugar, dairy-free, and gluten-free.

Best Nitro

The 10 Best Canned Coffees, Ranked
Canned Sail Away – Nitro Classic Black Cold Brew Coffee

Experts and enthusiasts consistently rank Sail Away Nitro Cold Brew Coffee as the best-canned nitro coffee. Sail Away has successfully crafted an ultra-smooth, rich-flavored canned coffee. This creamy, organic brew is 60 percent less acidic than a regular cup of coffee.

Sail Away Coffee’s origin story is rooted in music, culture, and Central American local coffee traditions. The founder, Chris Fetter, took time to discover the ideal cold brew blend with a deep, rich, and mellow flavor profile. Essentially, Sail Away celebrates coffee as an elevated lifestyle.

Nitro brew infuses coffee with colorless, odorless gas- nitrogen. It’s a lot like the carbonation process of soda water. Nitrogen gives the coffee brew millions of tiny bubbles, resulting in a creamy, foamy consistency. This brew appears to have microfoam milk. Typically, nitro infusion contains a higher caffeine content, provoking more consumers to enjoy this brew.

The high caffeine content is a prime advantage for many coffee fans. Sail Away’s logo is “Stay Buzzed,” which meets the desire for coffee’s psychoactive properties many consumers seek. Coupled with the rewarding buzz are the silky quality and resonant flavor. Unfortunately, this premium product carries a higher price tag than most. However, the experience is worth it.

Sail Away Nitro Cold Brew Advantages

  • 60% less acidic than a regular cup of coffee
  • Smooth texture
  • Full-bodied flavor profile
  • Zero calories
  • High caffeine content

Sail Away Nitro Cold Brew Disadvantages

  • Pricey

A Sail Away 11,5 ounce can contain three espresso shots- 220 mg of caffeine. The Classic Black is dairy-free, sugar-free, with zero calories.

Best With Espresso

The 10 Best Canned Coffees, Ranked
Canned Black Stag – Espresso With Cream

Black Stag Espresso with Cream canned coffee is a ready-to-drink delight. It comes in a pack of twelve, allowing you to plan your day every week with a decadent on-the-go pick-me-up. Black Stag has formulated the perfect espresso with cream for those who enjoy an occasional treat.

This six-and-a-half-ounce treat is surprisingly affordable, and its milky consistency highlights the caramel flavor tones naturally occurring in coffee. However, this drink may be too milky for some just looking for a hard coffee kick. 

Black Stag Espresso with Cream Advantages

  • Well-balanced milk-to-coffee ratio
  • High caffeine content
  • Affordable

Black Stag Espresso with Cream Disadvantages

  • It may be too rich and creamy for some

Black Stag Espresso with Cream contains 120 calories, dairy-based milk, and 17 grams of sugar in a six-and-a-half-ounce can.

Best Highly Caffeinated

The 10 Best Canned Coffees, Ranked
Canned High Brew Coffee – Triple Shot Black Cold Brew (Sugar-Free)

High Brew Triple Shot Black is famous for its lack of acidity. This premium brand uses 100% arabica beans from Columbia via direct trade. The High Brew team originates from Austin, Texas, and founder David Smith is committed to providing a heightened experience with every patiently crafted brew.

Every batch of High Brew coffee is cold brewed over a prolonged duration. This gently coaxes the flavor from the cherry harnessing coffee’s complete, nuanced profile. Additionally, as they don’t use heat, the integrity of the nutrients remains intact, ensuring higher quality per brew.

The cold brew technique yields significantly more antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients than other methods. Relevant to this list, it also produces considerably more caffeine. Therefore, the purity of High Brew’s Triple Shot Black guarantees the most rewarding sip of classic black.   

The primary advantage of High Brews coffee is the guaranteed quality of coffee. Cold Brew takes time and patience, but it’s worth it- it’s low in acidity. The taste is rich in complex flavors, leaving every drinker with a profoundly satisfying sensation and smooth aftertaste.

High Brew Triple Shot Black Advantages-

  • Low acidity
  • Premium brand
  • Full coffee flavor profile
  • Affordable
  • Accessible
  • Zero calories
  • High caffeine content

High Brew Triple Shot Black Disadvantages-

  • The caffeine count is high and may adversely affect your health and mind.

There’s about 220 -230 mg of caffeine in an 11-ounce can, zero calories, zero sugar, and dairy free.

Best Sweetened

The 10 Best Canned Coffees, Ranked
Canned/Bottled Starbucks – Cold & Crafted Sweetened Black Coffee

Starbucks is a remarkable brand, and its business savoir-faire is noteworthy. In the US alone, there are approximately 16 000 Starbucks coffee cafeterias. Yet, the demand still exceeds supply. You can spot the green, double-tailed mermaid staring back at you from canned packaging in groceries, drugstores, and gas pump stores.

Starbucks Cold and Crafted Sweetened Black is a recent addition to the Starbucks menu. The goal with these new bottled beverages is limited calories without compromising the quality and taste. In this, Starbucks is a success.

The Cold and Crafted coffees are delicious while maintaining the brand’s well-loved toasted flavor notes. The smooth consistency has a deep rich aftertaste. The full spectrum of the coffee cherry’s complex flavor compounds is apparent, and the sweetness isn’t artificial or overwhelming.

Starbucks Cold and Crafted Sweetened Black Advantages-

  • No preservatives
  • Reduced calories and sugars  
  • Affordable
  • Widely available

Starbucks Cold and Crafted Sweetened Black Disadvantages-

  • Some people aren’t fond of the evident toasty taste of the brew

There are 135 mg of caffeine in an 11-ounce bottle, 10 g of sugar, 50 calories, and dairy-free.

Best Spirit-Infused (Non-Alcoholic)

The 10 Best Canned Coffees, Ranked
Canned Fire Dept Coffee – Non-Alcoholic Whiskey Infused Irish Coffee With Real Cream

Fire Dept. Coffee Nitro Irish Coffee is a creamy Irish delight. The nitro brew presents millions of minute bubbles giving the coffee a smooth texture. With natural cream, this seven-ounce can is a thoroughly delectable experience. However, it doesn’t contain alcohol, as it’s removed during the roasting process- there remain hints of whiskey flavors.

Convenient and delicious, this drink is enjoyed straight from the fridge and poured over ice for those sweltering summer evenings. What’s most enjoyable about Fire Dept. canned coffee is that the whiskey isn’t over-apparent, and the milky sweetness is well-balanced.

The coffee’s consistency is smooth and creamy. The sugar doesn’t taste artificial, and the milk is proportional to the ingredients. It comes in packs of 12 and 24, allowing you to store and savor it for the right moments.

Fire Dept. Coffee Nitro Irish Coffee Advantages-

  • Well-balanced flavor profile
  • Authentic tasting

Fire Dept. Coffee Nitro Irish Coffee Disadvantages-

  • Unfortunately, this drink is more expensive than its competitors.

The caffeine content in a seven-ounce can is 120 mg. It contains dairy, 90 calories, and 12 grams of sugar.

Best Tasting/Flavor

The 10 Best Canned Coffees, Ranked
Canned La Colombe Coffee – Black & Unsweetend Brazillian Cold Brew Coffee

Established in 2016, La Colombe is a fresh face on the coffee scene, and we welcome each newcomer, their vision, and expertise to the field. Based in Philadelphia, La Colombe concocts their coffee brew via a pressurized value, resulting in a fierce hiss when opening and a perfect foamy head when pouring a glass.   

La Colombe canned coffee is renowned for its smooth texture and delicate, nuanced flavors. The Vanilla Draft is one of many latte-flavored options- caramel, mocha, milk spice, hazelnut, and chocolate. The coffee isn’t saturated in sweetness and artificial flavors. Also, the sugar content is reasonable and meets adult daily restrictions.

Many coffee enthusiast bloggers prefer the vanilla blend, as the undercurrent is subtle, clean, and delicate. At the same time, the roasted coffee remains discernable, with hints of nuts, honey, and caramel. It’s a velvety vanilla delight.

Some cans are infused with nitrogen, giving the products renewed dimensions in taste, texture, and experience. The coffees come in nine-ounce cans and sometimes promote limited and seasonal editions. There’re also non-dairy alternatives like oatmilk.

La Colombe also included an adventurous recipe of lemon with their Nitro Cold Brew. Perfect for those familiar with and yearning for the Turkish fruit drizzle, citrus coffee of the mid-east. Innovative and delicious La Colombe is a worthy contender among the older establishments.

La Colombe Vanilla Draft Latte Advantages-

  • Well-proportioned, delicate nuances of vanilla, milk, and a complete coffee flavor profile.
  • These drinks are easily accessible and found in grocery stores across the nation.

La Colombe Vanilla Draft Latte Disadvantages-

  • Sometimes, not often, the drink may be too sweet.
  • The calorie content may exceed the requirements for some diets.

There is 115 mg of caffeine in a nine-ounce can of La Colombe Vanilla Draft Latte, with 100 calories, 12 g of sugars, and dairy.

How To Choose A Canned Coffee

The following is a summation of how baristas across the globe decide on what makes the perfect canned coffee.


The flavor is the ultimate deciding factor when assessing the quality of the coffee. Coffee flavor concerns the complex farming, cultivating, picking, roasting, and brewing process. As seen above, there are a variety of brewing processes that distinguish one brand from the next.

The type of coffee bean is the chief concern. Arabica is a delicate coffee bean that requires different climates, soil, and sea-level altitude. The arabica bean is a premium bean that contains sweeter, fruity, honey, and caramel notes.

The best conditions for growing the arabica bean are within the coffee belt- Central and South American countries.

Cold Brew, by far, assures the fullest flavor profile, as each bean is delicately handled by cool, mild temperatures and not scorching heat. On the other hand, Flash Brew is innovative and secures sweeter coffee tones.

One must discern far more than just coffee when assessing the coffee flavor. The coffee cherry has a vast flavor spectrum of complex nutrients and elements of varying essences and aromas.


As mentioned above, the correct brewing process should ensure that each cup’s antioxidants, vitamins, and complex enzymes remain intact.

Storage/Refrigeration Requirements

Fortunately, canned coffee has a shelf life of up to two years. Longevity is a significant advantage of canned coffee. Once opened, refrigerate the remaining contents.


Canned coffee must be affordable and widely available. However, for specialty brands like Blue Bottle Coffee, the price and rarity showcase the coffee’s privileged status. Therefore, it’s essential to maintain premium brands, as canned coffee enhances millions of consumers’ days.

Canned Coffee FAQs

Yes, canned coffee is good. Emerging premium canned coffee brands source their beans from the coffee belt in Central and South America. Brands like Sail Away, Death Wish Coffee, and Boss have made brewing and preparing coffee a high art.

In the spirit of innovation and consumer progress, marketing canned coffee has added a new dimension to ready-to-drink beverages. Pop and Bottle demonstrates the fine art of coffee brewing with non-dairy substitutes, matcha recipes, and adaptogens like collagens and ashwagandha.

Also, there are various coffee alternatives regarding brewing, recipes, sweeteners, milk, and milk substitutes from an assortment of USDA-certified brands. Other companies are jumping on board the canned coffee trend, like Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, which has released hard canned coffee with five percent alcohol.

Canned coffee has many benefits, including long shelf life (two years), guaranteed freshness, convenience, transportability, and affordability. However, be aware that there is some risk for BPA exposure. Many brands adhere to social-corporate responsibility ethics.

Canned coffee is very popular in Asia, specifically Japan and South Korea. However, it’s rapidly finding a place within the US market. Canned coffee was originally a Japanese innovation with companies like Boss (Suntory) beginning in 1992. Countries within Asia are famous for their coffee vending machines, which are very popular.

In Asia, at close to $1, Mr. Brown’s Canned Coffee variety blends have gained a cult following.

Starbucks propelled the canned coffee trend when, in 1996, it began to bottle and distribute ready-to-drink hallmark Frappuccino available for purchase in grocery stores. Steadily other coffee companies have started to supply canned coffee that is readily accessible.

Not all canned coffee is suitable for heat. Yet, primarily, you can heat canned coffee. As mentioned above, the UCC Hawaii Kona Blend Coffee is enjoyed both heated and cooled. However, as a rule, canned coffee is enjoyed chilled.


Canned coffee is a highly sought-after alternate beverage to a regular cup of joe. Companies like Boss use Flash Brewing, reducing the bitter taste and making it a premium brand.

Additionally, Sail Away Nitro and High Brew’s cold brew is immensely popular. Canned coffee is enjoyed for its longevity, convenience, transportability, and rapidly emerging culture of premium canned blends.


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